At Bežigrad Gallery 1 one of now rare solo exhibitions by Andrej Trobentar

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, at 19.00 at Bežigrad Gallery 1 we are opening "Andrej Trobentar: I construct a painting as a building in space" exhibition. The exhibition of drawings and tempera paintings is one of now rare solo shows by the artist, who was already making important artworks in the 1970s.

© Marko Tušek

"A free gesture, "push-pull" at the forefront, provides a carefully planned luminous gesture. As such, it represents the freest breeze within a precisely coordinated combination of colours and shapes.
To me, clearly visible free speech is a universal key of the civilisation at the level of unique order of the cosmos and all of its planets. If the luminous gesture wasn’t free, it would not have had a solid and clear base."
Andrej Trobentar

Posted: 8. 3. 2018

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