Katarina Toman Kracina
Katarina Toman Kracina, Who s Here, 2019, mixed media 29 x 21 x 6 cm © Marko Tušek

Katarina Toman Kracina

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20. 3. 2019–3. 5. 2019

The first overview exhibition of Katarina Toman Kracina’s work focuses on the painter's small and large-scale paintings on canvas, and her objects. Characterising her works are complex connections with the creation of a full spatial design. The artist's works preserve memories of individual events and fulfilled wishes.
She leads a multifaceted life combining motherhood, partnership, work, household chores and art: what she observes and admires, what she creates, and what is subject to her restoration endeavours. Despite being a trained painter, she often incorporates sculpture and spatial installations into her paintings and drawings. Her exhibitions are typically ambient installations inviting spectators into her personal and emotional spaces.

Beauty and love as the essence of her life
The exhibition is entitled A Broader Outlook, which means that it provides insight into numerous works of art and periods of Toman’s creativity. The artwork on display in Bežigrad Gallery 1 and her works in general portray a broader outlook of the world. She experiences and recreates it as something that is more than mere ideas. The world is everything I see. We denominate with words. Her works reveal that the truth about her work is as real as she is. The closer one gets to their truth, either artistic or verbal... the more real and closer all natures become. Toman’s world of art has a beautiful outlook on creating life.
The miniatures represent an infinite portrayal of everything beautiful, from people’s nature that inspires her to love for the living and life itself, which can also be dead nature (as we call it). Even dead nature lives as soon as we perceive, see and experience it. Every moment of human life and every object can be a work of art. And Katarina Toman - Kracina’s work attests to it. So real we can relive it forever.
Miloš Bašin

What interests and inspires me are everyday things and events that happen to people. By respecting the universal (dis)order and acknowledging transience, I like to focus on moments that piece together our days, our daily happenings and daily needs. Most of these everyday events soon drift into oblivion. There are too many to attach any meaning to them, but they still form part of our lives. We are all children, we can be parents, we sleep, make love, need each other’s company... Sometimes I get to catch and depict a moment like that.
My paintings, wall objects, are mostly smaller in size because of the various techniques and material compositions I use. As an artist (and restoration professional) I have always been drawn to different materials and I’ve tested many of them as well. Sometimes my paintings are flatter (paint on canvas) and sometimes I create a (wall) object, a display case or a shelf featuring an object or a figurine. The materials I use are colours with various binders (oil, acrylic, watercolour, sand, glues, wool, ceramics, metals, resins)...
Katarina Toman Kracina 

Katarina Toman-Kracina was born 11 May 1968 in Ljubljana to mother Frančiška and father Veljko Toman.
She attended the Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana between 1982 and 1986, specialising in graphic design, and went on to study painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana with Prof Metka Krašovec. She graduated in 1994.
Toman-Kracina continued her studies in three-dimensional design in 1996 at Este, Italy.
In 2004 she obtained her master’s degree in restoration from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana.
She was one of the co-founders of the artistic group Provokart (1993–1997).
She has worked with the Domestic Research Society (DRS) since 2014 (Damijan Kracina, Jani Pirnat, Alenka Pirman).
Toman-Kracina works as the head of the Conservation Service of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (MGML) and is also involved in arranging museum exhibitions.

Opening: Wednesday, 20 March 2019 at 7 pm.


Production: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana
Exhibition curator: Miloš Bašin
Artist: Katarina Toman Kracina
Design catalogue, invitation, poster: Miloš Bašin
Realisation of the exhibition: Technical Service MGML
The exhibition was made by: City of Ljubljana

Catalogue: 36 pages, 20 reproductions
Text: Miloš Bašin, Katarina Toman Kracina
Photographs: Mirko Tušek

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