Matej ČepinResničnost pred resničnostjo
17. 1. 2024–17. 2. 2024

Matej Čepin’s paintings depict landscapes where time seems to have stopped and where people and plants barely exist. They look like frozen photographs or film ...


Exhibition »40 Years From Sketch to Puppet«, Mini teater

The exhibition entitled ‘From Sketch to Puppet’ presents the authors of presents puppet sketch, puppet, scenic elements and pfotographs they made for the performances at the Mini Theatre Ljubljana. These are: Iva-Matija Bitanga  for the performance Hlapič and Ana Viktorova for the performance The Tale of Tsar Saltan.

24. December 2020
Bezigrad Gallery 1
Museums on a Summer Night 2019 at the  Bežigrad Gallery 1

Saturday, 15 June: Opening doors for visitors
10:00 –20:00 Josip Korošec, Rememberings, Paintings and drawings 1984–2013
10:00–12:00 Workshop for children: Drawings with colour pencils
18:00–20:00 Workshop for children: Drawings with colour pencils

6. June 2019
Bezigrad Gallery 1
Award for Tina Konec at the Slovenian cultural holiday.

The artist who first presented her works in 2017 at a solo show at Bežigrad Gallery 1 received the 2019 City of Slovenske Konjice Award for Young artist at the municipal celebration of Prešeren Day, the Slovenian cultural holiday. Tina Konec added the 2019 to her grand prix at Ex-tempore Piran 2018 and the first prize at Ex tempore Grožnjan 2018. 

10. February 2019
Bezigrad Gallery 1

Bezigrad Gallery 1

Established in 1976, the Bežigrad Gallery 1 is intended to host smaller overview exhibitions as well as exhibitions of visual and concrete poetry. In late August each year, the exhibition Od skice do lutke (From a Sketch to a Puppet) is staged. Although the exhibition is mainly intended for children, it always attracts a large number of adults as well. The exhibition aims to present those visual artists who are also involved either in creating puppets or sketches for puppets and puppet theatres. The exhibition is also accompanied by video projections of puppet shows and art workshops. This exhibition has been held annually since 1981.

Bezigrad Gallery 1
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