Pregledna razstava
Studio Sigmun Images of Alphabet / Paintings, visual poetry, books, anthologies, photographss, collages
28. 11. 2018–4. 1. 2019
The traditional annual exhibition of visual and concrete poetry presents art campaigns and photographs by Studio Signum founding members Živko Kladnika, Nejč Slapar and Franci Zagoričnk from the period between. Studio Signum included: Živko Kladnik (1948–2017), Nejč Slapar (1945), Franci Zagoričnik (1933–1997), Lilijana Grašič (1958), Janez Horvat (1946–2008), Irma Kern (1958), Gordana Kunaver (1947–1992), Darja Polajnar (1954), Gašper Starc (1952), Orest (1960) in Egist (1968) Zagoričnik. 

Past exhibitions

Traditional exhibition
From a Sketch to a PuppetAnimals
30. 8. 2018–7. 11. 2018
The exhibition entitled ‘From Sketch to Puppet’ presents the authors of sketches for puppet, scene and costume designs they made for the performances at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre from the end of the 20th century to 2012.
Andrej Brumen ČopA Thousand Cranes
23. 5. 2018–30. 6. 2018
An overview of works by one of the most renowned artists of Slovenian contemporary art. The exhibition presents paintings, watercolours, and books from the painter’s different creative periods, from 2012–2016.
I Construct a Painting as a Building in SpaceDrawings and tempera 1988-2017
14. 3. 2018–4. 5. 2018
The exhibition of drawings, watercolours and tempera paintings is one of now rare solo shows by the artist, who was already making important artworks in the 1970s.
Milena Gregorčič: Lines of SpacesPaintings
17. 1. 2018–28. 2. 2018
The exhibition of works from Milena Gregorčič's last creative period, marked by elongated and translucent painting surfaces within floating spatial arrangements. 
Tina Konec: LinesDrawings 2015–2017
22. 11. 2017–24. 12. 2017
The overview exhibition of the young artist presents a selection of smaller and larger monochromatic drawings, 123 drawings in ink and pencil, all from the 2015–2017 period. The author sees the drawing as a basis for future works or an independent artwork.
From a Sketch To a PuppetMaribor Puppet Theatre
31. 8. 2017–9. 11. 2017
The traditional annual presentation of Slovenian puppetry "From a Sketch to a Puppet", now in its 37th edition, is presenting the Maribor Puppet Theatre. This year's exhibition is complemented by video recordings of shows in which puppets were designed by Ančka Gošnik - Godec, Jože Logar, Iztok Hrga, Damijan Stepančič, Viktor Šest and Breda Varl.