Janja Kosi
Wall objects and scale models 2022
Janja Kosi Butterfly House
18. 1. 2023–21. 2. 2023

Her artwork typically features spatial installations and the integration of various media. Kosi often explores the concepts of (non)space, home and domesticity, and the relationship between man and architecture.

Past exhibitions

From Sketch to Puppet
Puppets, sketches, scenic elements
From Sketch to PuppetMini teater: Milica Grbić Komazec in Nikola Komazec
1. 12. 2022–6. 1. 2023
This year's edition of the annual From Sketch to Puppet exhibition, which has been run by BežigradGallery 1 and 2 since 1980, is organised jointly with Mini Theatre Ljubljana. It features sketches,puppets and stage design elements created by puppeteers Milica Grbić Komazec and Nikola Komazec for the children's performance All Here, All Together, which was staged in 2017 in Mini Theatre Ljubljana. The goal is to demonstrate the process of creating a work of artfrom the initial idea to the final puppet performance.
Images of Poems 1
Images of Poems 1Exhibition of drawings, paintings and prints 1973–1984
19. 10. 2022–15. 11. 2022
The artwork on display mainly includes prints that were created as independent pieces of art. They represent a link between visual and concrete poetry and fine art. The exhibition continues the tradition in Bežigrad Galleries featuring independent and group exhibitions of poets. From 1980 and to this day.
Rajko Apollonio
Exhibition of paintings 2014-2022
Rajko ApollonioDrawing Closer
23. 6. 2022–20. 7. 2022
The display is presented serie of paintings from 2014 to 2022, in many ways, are reminiscent of his artistic work when he just started out.
Monika Slemc
Razstava slik
Monika SlemcMeeting of the Worlds
18. 5. 2022–18. 6. 2022
Paintings by Monika Slemc can be observed and perceived in a single moment. That's how fleeting they are. But one may stare at them forever and still the image would be there, infinite.
Tea Kralj
Exhibition of paintings
Tea KraljFrom up, Close and From Afar
13. 4. 2022–10. 5. 2022
Exhibition of paintings personal approach and attitude towards the past, which is the main topic of the young artist thesis. 
Eva Šuster
Prints 2018–2022
Eva ŠusterSaba, jury is an illusion of time
10. 12. 2021–6. 1. 2022
The artist builds her artwork on printmaking and combines it with poetry and painting. Her main techniques are drypoint, etching, reservage and aquatint. This independent exhibition at Bežigrad Gallery 1 features a series of prints from the cycle she has created in recent years. Her memories of her childhood and home environment are etched into her works. 

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