Lara Jeranko Marconi
Drawings and objects
Lara Jeranko Marconi Black Birds and Snow
17. 4. 2024–14. 5. 2024

The collection gives an impression of a personal archive of dreams, hopes, secrets and regrets.

Past exhibitions

Miklavž Komelj
Paintings, poetry
Miklavž KomeljThe Endless Poet
28. 2. 2024–30. 3. 2024
Miklavž Komelj sees his artwork as a bridge between painting and poetry that is lined with various verses or text fragments of his own or other authors’ texts in different languages and from different periods of time.
Matej Čepin
Matej ČepinResničnost pred resničnostjo
17. 1. 2024–17. 2. 2024
Matej Čepin’s paintings depict landscapes where time seems to have stopped and where people and plants barely exist. They look like frozen photographs or film frames of human shapes that look right at us, yet past us.
Podobe pesmi
Podobe pesmiPesniške grafike tujih pesnic in pesnikov
30. 11. 2023–5. 1. 2024
On display are prints that were created as independent works of art in the following techniques: linocut, offset and screen printing.They blend visual and concrete poetry with fine art.Artists: Getulio Alviani, Luciano Caruso, Ryosuke Cohen, Continuum 4: Luciano Caruso, Laura Marcheschi, Steliomaria Martini, Felice Piemontese, Giovanni Polera, Patrizia Vicinelli, Emilio Villa, Franco Visco, Eugenio Miccini, Hugo Mund jun., Jack Keguenne, Balint Szombathy, Robert Rehfeldt, Ruth Wolf Rehfeldt, Romolina Trentini, Tipolito Maghina, Guy Schraenen and anonymous.
Blažka Križan
Paintings 2016–2023
Blažka KrižanIntertwined Shapes
18. 10. 2023–18. 11. 2023
Blažka Križan works with cutting various monochromatic paper surfaces. In this way she creates longitudinal undulating shapes which are then sequenced to create integral forms that together constitute a similar wavy image.
From Sketch to Puppet : The Nutcracker
Puppets, sketches, scenic elements, photos
From Sketch to Puppet : The NutcrackerAleksander Januškévič in Ljudmila Skitovič
17. 8. 2023–7. 10. 2023
The exhibition From Sketch to Puppet, arranged jointly by Bežigrad Gallery 1 and Mini Teater Ljubljana, revolves around the art of puppetry in The Nutcracker, a puppet show based on the story written by Prussian author E.T.A. Hoffmann.
Tina Konec
Drawings 2020–2023
Tina KonecLayering / Manganeses and Outlines
10. 5. 2023–20. 6. 2023
The Manganese series and the Outlines series.The painter’s more recent medium-format artwork was created daily in the form of artistic diary entries. Her focus is on exploring nature and the artistic medium through drawing – her main means of expression.

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