Light on Paper
Light on Paper Paintings and objects
22. 11. 2023–27. 12. 2023

The exhibition showcases a new way of creating innovative paper art that offers a myriad of options to be explored in the future.
The purpose is to put on display some three-dimensional artworks by Suzana Brborović, Lara Jeranko Marconi, Janja Kosi, Blažka Križan, Maja Pučl and Tone Žnidaršič. The space hosts large-scale paintings and floating objects of various sizes. The pieces were made by cutting and carving paper and gluing them into a single object.

Past exhibitions

Videofestival Natures 20
Films, Photos, Sound and equipment
Videofestival Natures 20Živko Kladnik
17. 10. 2023–20. 10. 2023
This year’s Natures festival is dedicated to Živko Kladnik, a versatile artist who has created and co-created a number of films in cooperation with groups from Kranj (Ime, KSK – Kino skupina Kranj).
Žiga Kariž
Drawings and paintings
Žiga KarižNose and Bill
5. 9. 2023–6. 10. 2023
Kariž is a Slovenian visual artist working at the intersection of painting, conceptual art and new media. This retrospective exhibition of drawings and paintings revolves around the motifs of the human nose and animal beak. Some of the works featuring human and animal bodies have been updated in the course of the artist's career (from 1994 to the present day), with new shapes and flurries of strokes over the motifs to obscure them.
Borut Krajnc
Photographs 2005–2021
Borut KrajncLike Here and Beyond
17. 5. 2023–24. 6. 2023
The cycles Emptiness, Pressure and Transition featuring documentary photographs taken between 2005 and 2021 reveal the authors eye for local and global socio-political phenomena. With a clever conceptual approach he tackles current dilemmas of the capitalistic economy, the press and the post-COVID society.
Jože Slak – Đoka (1951–2014)
Drawings and paintings
Jože Slak – Đoka (1951–2014)Between Gaze and Infinity
21. 3. 2023–30. 4. 2023
This commemorative and retrospective exhibition of drawings and paintings by the artist Jože Slak, who was a unique and an irresistibly curious person, is a continuation of Slak's exhibition, which was on display at our gallery in 2015. The works on display represent the highlights of the painter's artistic creativity, as well as his unique, sensitive and critical view of the world.
Milan Erič
Paintings and objects 2013-2023
Milan EričLights
11. 1. 2023–25. 2. 2023
This exhibition features recent artwork on paper and canvas of various formats using different techniques, such as acrylic and acrylic spray, and an installation of objects. These are abstract circular and elliptical motifs created using different techniques. 
Videofestival Natures 18
Videofestival Natures 18Available online
30. 12. 2022–4. 1. 2023
The festival maintains the tradition of Bežigrad Galleries of presenting new media. Its beginnings with multimedia exhibitions and events and computer projections date back to the 2002s. Artists are invited to enter the competition: Boris Beja, Blaž Bergant, Žoel Kastelic, Uroš Marolt, Aleksij Kobal, Ula Pogorevčnik, Rožana Švara, Teja Tegelj, Vanja Mervič in Dušan Zidar.Available online: Videofestival natures 18

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