Spominska razstava
Bogdan Borčić Od školjke do pike
5. 9. 2018–30. 10. 2018
Spominska razstava risb, slik in grafik enega osrednjih slovenskih slikarjev in grafikov, kot tudi predstavnika nepredmetne likovne umetnosti iz časovnega obdobja od 1970 do 2014, ko postajajo avtorjeva dela, vsaj v večjem delu, povsem nepredmetna.

Past exhibitions

Overview exhibition
Maruša ŠuštarDeep about us
16. 5. 2018–30. 6. 2018
The exhibition is a presentation of one of rare artists from the younger generation, who derives her work from modernist painting. The overview exhibition will present all of her essential works from the last decade from 2007-2015, with her specific bird’s eye landscapes.
Videofestival Natures 15 and Miha Vipotnik
10. 4. 2018–13. 4. 2018
The traditional international four-day video festival Natures is presenting videos from authors selected through a competition and an accompanying photographic exhibition. The festival also presents a short overview of video works by the media artist Miha Vipotnik.
Paola Korošec: Spaces of Reflections2004−2017
7. 2. 2018–28. 3. 2018
The overview exhibition showcases eight of  Paola Korošec creations reflecting her perception of the world and transforming it into our own perception and dreams.
SAETA 40 YEARS1977–2017
29. 11. 2017–5. 1. 2018
Exhibition of documentary material and artworks by the members of the music group SAETA, composers, and artists, with which the group creatively worked with for the last, very respectable, 40 years. The international exhibition presents notations, drawings, scenography, photographs, collages, tempera, paintings, films and video.
Jože Tisnikar: Birth and Death
6. 9. 2017–25. 10. 2017
The exhibition is features over 56 drawings and paintings through the courtesy of Art Gallery Slovenj Gradec. They were created between the 1960s and 1998 by one of the most important and innovative Slovenian artists. 
Metka Krašovec: Journey,Drawings and paintings 1968 – 2016
10. 5. 2017–30. 6. 2017
The overview exhibition of this year's laureate, one of the most esteemed Slovenian artists, will showcase the specific periods in her work, and her ways of depiction. The exhibition will be based on various drawings and paintings, dating from the 1960s' all the way to today.