Milan Erič
Paintings and objects 2013-2023
Milan Erič Lights
11. 1. 2023–23. 2. 2023

This exhibition features recent artwork on paper and canvas of various formats using different techniques, such as acrylic and acrylic spray, and an installation of objects. These are abstract circular and elliptical motifs created using different techniques. 

Past exhibitions

Videofestival Natures 18
Videofestival Natures 18Available online
30. 12. 2022–4. 1. 2023
The festival maintains the tradition of Bežigrad Galleries of presenting new media. Its beginnings with multimedia exhibitions and events and computer projections date back to the 2002s. Artists are invited to enter the competition: Boris Beja, Blaž Bergant, Žoel Kastelic, Uroš Marolt, Aleksij Kobal, Ula Pogorevčnik, Rožana Švara, Teja Tegelj, Vanja Mervič in Dušan Zidar.Available online: Videofestival natures 18
Anja Jerčič Jakob
Paintings 2003-2022
Anja Jerčič JakobFlora of the World
24. 11. 2022–28. 12. 2022
This is a retrospective exhibition of paintings created by the artist who draws inspiration for her artistic exploration from plants and flowers. Nature, a dominant motif, has followed her through life from a tender age. She uses it as a means of interpreting reality and also life in general. In her own unique way she applies classical techniques, such as oil and egg tempera, and blends them with modern dripping techniques to create artwork brimming with incredibly thoughtful sensibility.
Suzana Brborović
Exhibition of paintings and collages 2012–2022
Suzana BrborovićConnections
2. 9. 2022–12. 10. 2022
Suzana Brborović initially only tries to revive the shadows and bring them to light again. This might be because her father is in the construction business in Slovenia. As a child she often wandered around constructions sites, which give a clear idea about architecture, with bare walls that seem like skeletons and are later covered in flattering, reconcilable façade.
Marjan Skumavc (1947-2011)
Razstava slik in risb
Marjan Skumavc (1947-2011)Life From up Close
28. 4. 2022–20. 6. 2022
Exhibition of drawings and paintings
Zdenko Huzjan
Exhibition of drawings and paintings 1982–2020
Zdenko HuzjanMore Than a Morning
2. 3. 2022–6. 4. 2022
Huzjan paints the absence of human existence in a sky of stillness, where man sees his hope. The sky has always represented a life hidden behind real life.
Marko Šuštaršič (1927–1976)
Retrospective exhibition of paintings 1953–1975
Marko Šuštaršič (1927–1976)From Landscapes to Landscapes
30. 12. 2021–12. 2. 2022
The retrospective exhibition marking the 45th anniversary of the Bežigrad Gallery is dedicated to one of the most visible and innovative Slovenian artists of the 20th century.

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