Light on Paper

Paintings and objects

22. 11. 2023–27. 12. 2023

The exhibition showcases a new way of creating innovative paper art that offers a myriad of options to be explored in the future.
The purpose is to put on display some three-dimensional artworks by Suzana Brborović, Lara Jeranko Marconi, Janja Kosi, Blažka Križan, Maja Pučl and Tone Žnidaršič. The space hosts large-scale paintings and floating objects of various sizes. The pieces were made by cutting and carving paper and gluing them into a single object.

The oldest works of art were created by Tone Žnidaršič, who was active in the 1970s. His objects evolve from a typical hollow sphere. While moving around the object, the view into the sphere changes and one can observe its shell, core and the area behind it. Depending on the point of view, there are numerous angles to see the inside and outside of the floating installation.
Among the artworks on display are Maja Pučl’s paintings with openings in the paper. Dotted with round hollows on the surface, the paintings emanate endless order, balance and harmony among shapes. Light is featured in the form of points, more specifically in cut out circles in the series called Lamps.
Suzana Brborović, Lara Jeranko Marconi and Janja Kosi create artwork by layering numerous cut out shapes to give an impression of endless depths and a more spatial character.
Blažka Križan works with a specific paper cutting technique featuring a multitude of pointed slanted shapes protruding from the surface. Through the play of light and shadow they form expressive and condensed three-dimensional pieces.
Miloš Bašin                                                        

Suzana Brborović was born on 12 March 1988 in Kranj. She lives in Kranj.
2007 - 2013    Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana
2014 - 2016    Postgraduate study of painting (Meisterschüler) at Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (HGB), mentor Prof. Ottersbach

Blažka Križan was born in 1990 in Ptuj.
She obtained her BA in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts with Professor Marjan Gumilar in 2012, and completed her master’s in painting in 2017 with Professors Zmago Lenárdič and Jure Mikuž, PhD. Križan was awarded the Prešeren Award for students for her master's thesis. While studying she focused on the paper cutting technique. In 2018 she received the Primavera DLUM Award from the Maribor Fine Artists Society, and two years later the DLUM Award, while in 2022 she won the Ex-tempore Piran Young Author Prize. She is a painter with the status of a self-employed professional in culture. Križan lives and works in Ptuj.

Lara Jeranko Marconi was born in Koper on 13th of August 1984.
Achieved her high school degree in decorative painting section at the Istittute of Arts “E.U. Nordio” of Trieste. Graduated at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, from painting section.
Lives and works between Italy and Slovenia.

Janja Kosi was born on 14 September 1994 in Maribor.
She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and graduated in 2016. In 2020 she received an award at the Academy for her master’s thesis The everyday of heterotopic space / X°Y’Z’’ N – A°B’C’’ E. She also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. She lives in Ljubljana.

Maja Pučl was born on April 27, 1978, in Slovenj Gradec. 
She graduated from the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana as a graphic designer. In
2001/02 she attended the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland, as an exchan ge student (under Professor Thomas Nyqvist). In 2005, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana with a degree in painting (under Professors Gustav Gna muš and Wang Huiqin). In 2010 she obtained her master’s degree at the Academy, under Professors Lucijan Bratuš and Wang Huiqin. Since 2009, she has worked as a freelance artist in the fields of painting, printmaking, design, installations, and calligraphy which binds all these fields together with dance. She  lives in Ljubljana.

Tone Žnidaršič was born on 5 November 1923 in Podgorica, Dobrepolje.
In 1949 he graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and finished his specialisation three years later. He worked as a professor of drawing at the Secondary School for Design in Ljubljana. Žnidaršič was the author of illustrations in several manuals and textbooks. Together with Slavko Pengov he painted frescoes in Vila Bled. He also contributed to the sgraffito-style façade of the Glasbena Matica Music Society and created several more façades using the same technique around Ljubljana and on the Fala Hydro Power Plant. Žnidaršič engaged in literary illustration, publishing illustrations, vignettes, drawings, woodcuts and etchings in the children’s magazine Ciciban, along with the Pionirski list and Pionir magazines. He created geometrical objects from paper and metal.
The high point of his career was the retrospective exhibition that was held in 1994 in Kamnik, where he had lived most of his life after World War II. In 2007 he received the gold award of the Municipality of Kamnik for his unique and exceptional art and his outstanding pedagogical contribution to contemporary fine art in Slovenia. Žnidaršič died on 9 April 2007 in Topolšica and was buried in Kamnik.
The works in the exhibition are from personal collections and two objects by Tone Žnidaršič from the collection of the Inter-regional Museum of Kamnik.


Production: Bežigrajska galerija 2 / MGML
Exhibition curator: Miloš Bašin
Artists: Suzana Brborović, Lara Jeranko Marconi, Janja Kosi, Blažka Križan, Maja Pučl, Tone Žnidaršič
Design: Miloš Bašin
Tehnical design: Marko Tušek
Photodocumentation: Marko Tušek
Translation: Dunja Elikan
Language editing
: Dunja Elikan
Marina Mihelič Satler
Realisation of the exhibition: 
Technical Service MGML, Miloš Bašin, Žoel Kastelic, Tanja Marolt
The exhibition was made by: City of Ljubljana

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