a pearl of Slovenian cultural heritage of 20th century
Plečnik House with a permanent 'Plečnik' exhibition
24. 9. 2015–31. 12. 2030

“A tower, a mule, me and the garden” – that is how Jože Plečnik imagined his life when he didn’t know yet that after Vienna ...

Nulla dies sine linea. Professor Plečnik and his school in Ljubljana
Plečnik Year 2022
Nulla dies sine linea. Professor Plečnik and his school in Ljubljana
21. 10. 2022–26. 2. 2023

The third of four exhibitions presented in Plečnik House during the Plečnik Year 2022 offers an insight into the work, methods and curricula of Plečnik's School in Ljubljana. Along with Plečnik's creations an almost equally important ingredient of his legacy is also his pedagogical work, which is still reverberating today in the works of his students.

Maurizio Barberis
Maurizio Barberis Sodobna fotografija
10. 3. 2023–14. 5. 2023

Plečnikov opus skozi fotografski objektiv in avtorski pogled priznanega italijanskega fotografa.

Dorit Margreiter
Dorit Margreiter
26. 5. 2023–17. 9. 2023

Tudi v letu 2023 bomo v Plečnikovo hišo povabili sodobno umetnico, tokrat Dorit Margreiter, ki bo v sodelovanju s kuratorko Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein pripravila projekt v dialogu s Plečnikovo dediščino.

Vlasto Kopač
Vlasto Kopač
2. 6. 2023–8. 10. 2023

Razstava nastaja ob 110. obletnici rojstva arhitekta Vlasta Kopača, ki jo obeležujemo v letu 2023. Kopač se je leta 1934 vpisal na oddelek za arhitekturo ljubljanske univerze in bil v letih od 1937 do 1940 pri profesorju Jožetu Plečniku zaposlen kot risar.

Stele in Plečnik
Stele in Plečnik
20. 10. 2023–28. 1. 2024

Na razstavi, ki nastaja v sodelovanju z Umetnostnozgodovinskim inštitutom Franceta Steleta ZRC SAZU, bo skozi bogato ohranjeno korespondenco dr. Franceta Steleta predstavljen tesen strokovni in prijateljski odnos med Plečnikom in Steletom, ki je bil v času gradnje Plečnikovih ljubljanskih projektov odgovorni konservator in vodja spomeniškega urada.


You are Invited to the Cultural Meetings at the Plečnik House in 2023

As Plečnik’s jubilee year is coming to its end, the coming new year is bringing quite a few original projects to the Plečnik House. They will focus on Plečnik’s work in connection with how we see and experience him today. Let 2023 be the year full of cultural meetings with Plečnik’s heritage!

21. December 2022
Plečnik House
On Sunday and Tuesday, 6 and 8 November, Plečnik House is exceptionally closed to visitors

This Sunday and next Tuesday, 6 and 8 November, Plečnik House will be exceptionally closed to visitors due to the preparation of the exhibition 'I am only the housekeeper, but I don't know...'. Thank you for your understanding.

4. November 2022
Plečnik House
Graphic novel about Plečnik now also available in English!

Following the Slovene, Czech, and German editions of the graphic novel Plečnik (full stop) we are happy to announce the English version. 

1. September 2022
Plečnik House

Plečnik House

Walking through Ljubljana it is impossible to ignore the abundance of arrangements and architectural creations made by the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. Born in Ljubljana, Plečnik learned his craft in Vienna and acquired a creative broadness of mind in Prague. He deftly implemented his skills as he returned to Ljubljana, where he created the phenomenon now called Plečnik’s Ljubljana. Many of his ideas were conceived in his home, a house in Trnovo, a monument of national importance since 2009 and today a public museum. You are kindly invited to visit the Plečnik House and learn about this modest man responsible for such monumental architecture. Enter the house in which Plečnik’s Ljubljana was created!

Plečnik House
© Andrej Peunik/MGML


Plečnik House

Karunova 4–6
1000 Ljubljana


T +386 1 280 16 04 (reception)
T +386 1 241 25 06
E plecniki@mgml.si

Opening hours

Tuesday–Sunday: 10:00–18:00
Monday: Closed
1 January, 1 November, 25 December: Closed
24 and 31 December: 10:00–14:00


Visits of the original Plečnik’s home are only possible with a guided tour that begines every full hour. You can make reservation of your guided tour on plecnik@mgml.si or on +386 1 280 16 04.

Visiting the Plečnik House (price includes permanent exhibition Plečnik and a guided tour of Plečnik's home)
Adults: 8 €
Students: 6 €
Children: 6 €
Adults over the age of 60: 6 €
Families: 18 €
Unemployed visitors: 6 €
Visitors with disabilities: 6 €
Free admission for carers
ICOM, PRESS, SMD: free admission

Guided tours for private groups of more than 7 visitors need to be booked at least 5 working days in advance.

Visiting the Plečnik House with a prior reservation
Groups of up to 4 persons: 38 €
Groups of over 4 persons: 9 €/person, reduced 7 €/person

Visiting the permanent exhibition Plečnik
Adults: 5 €
Students: 3 €
Children: 3 €
Adults over the age of 60: 3 €
Families: 12 €
Unemployed visitors: 3 €
Visitors with disabilities: 3 €
Free admission for carers
ICOM, PRESS, SMD: free admission

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