group exhibition
Co-EXISTENCEBoris Beja, Maja Smrekar, Urša Vidic, Miha Godec
1. 12. 2023–11. 2. 2024

The exhibition’s title relates to the thought of the philosopher Timothy Morton, who, in his book Dark Ecology: For a Logic of Future Coexistence, ...


City Art Gallery Ljubljana presents the 2023 programme

The City Art Gallery Ljubljana concludes 2022 with the exhibition of Mitja Ficko and Marko Jakše, which will remain on display until February 2023. An intermedia overview exhibition of Jasna Hribernik is opening in March, followed by a photographic exhibition by Meta Krese in May. Academic painter Jurij Kalan will receive its first presentation at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana in the autumn of next year, while 2023 will conclude with an intermedia group show, which will present works by Miha Godec, Urša Vidic, Maja Smrekar, and Boris Beja.

6. December 2022
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
The City Art Gallery Ljubljana presents its programme for 2022

The City Art Gallery Ljubljana will be starting the new year with Žarko Vrezec’s survey exhibition; followed by a presentation of the private collection of the Vienna-based gallerist Ernst Hilger; the most comprehensive presentation to date of works by the academically trained sculptor, Metod Frlic and a survey exhibition of selected design works by Ranko Novak. Our final exhibition of 2022 will present the two academically trained painters, Mitja Ficko and Marko Jakše.

15. December 2021
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
The art work on the façade of the Cukrarna Palace was destroyed last night

Last night, vandals destroyed an artwork by Katharina Cibulka, one of the artists currently presented in an exhibition at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana, which was installed on the façade of the Cukrarna Palace. The event dismayed and saddened both us and the artist. We are afraid that the action testifies to a great degree of intolerance in our society, leaves a bitter aftertaste in relation to the new development projects in the capital and shows a hostile attitude to socially critical art.

4. May 2021
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

City Art Gallery Ljubljana

The City Art Gallery Ljubljana is one of the main cultural centres specialized in hosting contemporary art projects, with its operations actively contributing to the development and popularization of local and international art production. The basic guidelines of the gallery’s programme policy are aligned with some of the key segments from its rich exhibition history and substantive emphasis is established through profiled programme packages. Within the framework of these packages, the gallery exhibits solo and group shows from both Slovenian and international milieus. In over fifty years of uninterrupted operations, the City Art Gallery Ljubljana has hosted many world known names, such as Josef Albers, Jan Fabre, Omer Fast, Harun Farocki, Jannis Kounellis, Hans Arp, Victor Vasarely, Bill Woodrow, Joe Tilson, Eduardo Paolozzi, Dimitrije Bašičević-Mangelos, Bridget Riley, Ivan Kožarić, Rabih Mroué, Mladen Stilinović, Raša Todosojević, Bill Viola, Günther Uecker, Ulay, just to name a few.

City Art Gallery Ljubljana
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