Gallery Shop

In 2016, the renovated shop brought the ground floor of the City Art Gallery Ljubljana back to life with its specialized selection of unique creations made by various authors as well as products related to the gallery’s exhibition program.

Our selection comprises serial publications such as catalogues that feature authorial texts written by in-house curators and external collaborators and are published on each exhibition hosted by the City Art Gallery Ljubljana, as well as publications that are the outcome of our international collaborations or projects with other art institutions. On our shelves you will also find books of artists who engage with the operations of the City Art Gallery Ljubljana through their art practices.

In addition to publications, the shop also offers a limited edition of T-shirts “Artists, Read Malevich”, made by Croatian artist and poet Vlado Martek for the exhibition “Hommage à Malevich: Black Square Continued”, and T-shirts “Old and Bald I Search for a Gallery”, made by Croatian conceptual artist Goran Trbuljak for the project “Inside Out – Not So White Cube”. Visitors can, furthermore, choose from the collection of bags “The Grounded Sun”, which were created for the survey exhibition of renowned Croatian sculptor Ivan Kožarić, as well as T-shirts and bags which accompanied the exhibition “I Other” of the world-famous as well as highly influential photographer and performance artist Ulay. The most recent unique additions to our selection were designed exclusively for the exhibition “Don’t Ask Where We Are Going” by one of the greatest contemporary artists, Tomislav Gotovac.

The shop also showcases artworks by established Slovenian designers and illustrators: Milanka Fabjančič (Ha ha!), Teja Ideja, Maja Pučl, Urška Boljkovac, Vanja Gortnar, Jasna Vastl, Nina Urh, Jon and Petra Derganc, as well as sustainable creations from the story written by the trademark Things I Miss.

The shop’s selection will particularly appeal to everyone who appreciates things with an added artistic twist and to art aficionados in general. Before or after visiting our gallery shows, let yourself also be inspired by our unique offer.

Museum Shop is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. 

For information and orders, contact us: shop@mgml.si.

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