City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Solo – group exhibition
Samo U la la !
1. 7. 2021–28. 8. 2021

The basic tendency to create works of art is always individualistic. It is born out of a personal reaction, escalated into artistic action, from a subjective point of view. This subjective level encapsulates all emotions, ideas, rationality, goals and values. Such art, unencumbered from all modern trends, is created by the self-made artist Samo.

City Museum of Ljubljana
The Red and the Black
An exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Congress of Ljubljana
The Red and the Black Europe at the 1821 Congress of Ljubljana
18. 6. 2021–2. 1. 2022

In 2021, during the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the exhibition associates Ljubljana and Slovenia with their historical and current roles in the European international relations.

Match Gallery
Name: Time will Tell
2. 7. 2021–29. 8. 2021

At the exhibition we present a selection of artistic statements and interventions in urban space by the artist, who gave himself a nameless name: Name:. Conceptually, his works are based on the treatment and questions of public space (mis)use, with an emphasis on current social changes.

City Museum of Ljubljana
Ljubljana during the War for Slovenia in 1991
The 30th anniversary of the Republic of Slovenia
Ljubljana during the War for Slovenia in 1991
26. 3. 2021–15. 8. 2021

The exhibition, prepared to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Slovenia, is a reminiscence of the events in the Slovenian capital at the time.

City Museum of Ljubljana
Ljubljana. History. City.
Find your own favourite period in Ljubljana’s history!
Ljubljana. History. City. Discover the Spirit of the City!
Permanent exhibition

How well do you know the rich history of Slovenian capital? Pile-dwellers, Emona, Middle and New Ages, the 20th and 21st centuries… what is the history of Ljubljana? Get to know Ljubljana's past - see the chronological presentation of Ljubljana’s millennia of heritage with precious authentic artefacts, like the world's oldest wooden wheel with an axle!


Plečnik's selected works in Ljubljana are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage List!

28. July 2021
Plečnik House

Peek into the creative world of the architect Jože Plečnik, enjoy a good book in the large garden, or embark on a unique architectural adventure for the whole family … This summer experience the oasis of peace and tranquillity just ...

8. July 2021
Plečnik House

ICOMOS advises the UNESCO World Heritage Committee the inscription of all the nominated works by the architect Jože Plečnik in Ljubljana on the World Heritage List.

9. June 2021
Plečnik House

A bit hidden, but so much the sweeter.

28. May 2021
Plečnik House

Family workshops, birthday parties, guided tours with dogs, culinary-historical lectures, ...

11. May 2021
City Museum of Ljubljana

International conference: Urban Beekeeping – A Way to a Holistic Transformation Into Green Sustainable Cities

7. May 2021
Plečnik House

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