City Museum of Ljubljana
From Corset to Jacket
From Corset to Jacket How the People of Ljubljana Dressed, 1850–1950
11. 4. 2024–23. 2. 2025

Join us on a journey through time with an exhibition on significant changes in the world of clothing. The exhibition will open the doors to the world of dressing as a distinct form of communication, revealing societal shifts and individual milestones that influenced the decisions of our ancestors on how to dress.

Jakopič Gallery
Klavdij Sluban
Klavdij Sluban Elsewhere Here
19. 3. 2024–25. 8. 2024

The Jakopič Gallery presents the largest ever mid-career retrospective exhibition of Klavdij Sluban, one of the world's most renowned photographers of Slovenian origin. For the exhibition Elsewhere Here the artist and the curator Dr Marija Skočir, have conceived a completely new selection of cycles that present the highlights of more than three decades of Sluban's work in more than 150 photographs. The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive photomontograph, which is also available as a special edition.

Plečnik House
Plečnik House with a permanent 'Plečnik' exhibition
a pearl of Slovenian cultural heritage of 20th century
Plečnik House with a permanent 'Plečnik' exhibition
Permanent exhibition

“A tower, a mule, me and the garden” – that is how Jože Plečnik imagined his life when he didn’t know yet that after Vienna and Prague his native Ljubljana would be his lifetime’s environment for his creative work.

City Museum of Ljubljana
Archaeological park Emona
Archaeological park Emona
15. 5. 2024–6. 10. 2024

A special place in Ljubljana's history is reserved for Roman Emona, the traces of which have been preserved in the very centre of the city.

Welcome to a trail tracing the 2000-year-old heritage of Emona. A walk through modern Ljubljana can take you further than you think! It takes you to the time of Emona, a city brimming with life between the first century and early sixth century. 

City Museum of Ljubljana
TURN INTO THE WALL New mural on the museum inner facade
Permanent exhibition

A tribute to the museum as a place of encounter and dialogue.

City Museum of Ljubljana
Ljubljana. History. City.
Find your own favourite period in Ljubljana’s history!
Ljubljana. History. City. Discover the Spirit of the City!
Permanent exhibition

How well do you know the rich history of Slovenian capital? Pile-dwellers, Emona, Middle and New Ages, the 20th and 21st centuries… what is the history of Ljubljana? Get to know Ljubljana's past - see the chronological presentation of Ljubljana’s millennia of heritage with precious authentic artefacts, like the world's oldest wooden wheel with an axle!

City Museum of Ljubljana
The Unknown Kingdom
Razširjamo in raziskujemo teme iz zgodovine Ljubljane.
The Unknown Kingdom “Illyria or what you will”
6. 6. 2024–29. 9. 2024

In 1897, a cycling club in Ljubljana was named after Ilirija (Illyria), in 1904 a street, in 1911 a football club, somewhere in the years before WWI, a chemical products factory, and finally in 1929, Ilirija got its own monument.

City Museum of Ljubljana
CHALLENGE: TOMORROW'S YESTERDAY The Secondary School of Design and Photography Ljubljana
17. 4. 2024–23. 2. 2025

The central theme of the final assignment was Challenge: Tomorrow’s Yesterday, developed in collaboration with the City Museum of Ljubljana. Each student set off on a journey exploring paintings, portraits and objects exhibited in the museum. Next, they immersed into the theme and searched for inspiration, which culminated in the prodigious diversity of collections thus developed.

City Museum of Ljubljana
LJBLJNČN/BLACK The Faculty of Design
17. 4. 2024–23. 2. 2025

In developing their design concept, 1st and 2nd year students in the Faculty of Design’s Fashion and Textiles track drew on the City Museum of Ljubljana’s permanent collection.

Bezigrad Gallery 2
Bogdan Borčić
Drawings, paintings, graphics and objects 1949–2014
Bogdan Borčić Glancing Around the Atelier
22. 5. 2024–28. 6. 2024

A commemorative exhibition honouring Bogdan Borčić (1926–2014). 
One of the key painters and printmakers in Slovenia, a professor and representative of abstract and minimalist art.
It will feature documentary photographs from his atelier, his drawing and painting tools and accessories and artwork from the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška and private collections.

Bezigrad Gallery 1
Jasna Samarin
Jasna Samarin Fragments of an Invisible Sphere
29. 5. 2024–26. 6. 2024

The new series of paintings is inspired by videos and microscopic photographs of neurons damaged or altered due to the use of various substances or neurodegenerative diseases. 

City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Mladen Stropnik
Mladen Stropnik adijo pastry
23. 5. 2024–1. 9. 2024

Mladen Stropnik’s exhibition project addresses questions of dynamics and perception of various realities in our daily lives. Not only those we are aware of but also all those that can be found beyond the logical and the conscious, in the realms of the strange, impossible, alien, different, including unconsciousness and dreams.

Match Gallery
Lighting Guerrilla: Transformations
Lighting Guerrilla: Transformations
24. 5. 2024–1. 9. 2024

This year, the Lighting Guerrilla is officially entering the age of adulthood - with the 18th edition of the festival, which is dedicated to the artistic exploration of the medium of light and is considered to be a unique manifestation of this type in the local area. This year’s festival topic is Transformations; works selected thematise and reflect on different aspects of change and transformation that we are witnessing in our environment or in our lives.

City Museum of Ljubljana
Bogastvo oblačilnih sponk iz Emone
Ob razstavi Od korzeta do žaketa
Bogastvo oblačilnih sponk iz Emone Zapenjanje v času pred gumbi
18. 5. 2024–15. 9. 2024

Kako so si Emončani zapenjali obleke, ko še niso poznali gumbov?


Free entry to all museums and galleries. Doors open from 18.00 to 24.00!

31. May 2024
City Museum of Ljubljana

Dr Marija Skočir, Art Gallery Director and Curator of the Jakopič Gallery, will be among the 165 international experts in the field of photography taking part in this year's Photo Folio Review at the renowned French photography festival Les Rencontres ...

16. May 2024
Jakopič Gallery

We are inviting you to participate in a creative competition that we are organising alongside our international partners as part of the European project Open Atelier - a Creative Europe project

6. May 2024
Plečnik House

On Friday and Saturday, 5 and 6 April 2024, the Plečnik's Ljubljana hackathon was happening at the Plečnik House, an event organised by the house's team as part of Open Atelier, a Creative Europe Programme. The winning team of the ...

11. April 2024
Plečnik House

Hello traveler

2. April 2024

The largest ever mid-career retrospective exhibition of Klavdij Sluban's "Nekje drugje Tukaj / Elsewhere Here" at the Jakopič Gallery is accompanied by an extensive photomontograph, printed at LUart Ribnica. The publication presents a selection of photographs that highlight ...

14. March 2024
Jakopič Gallery

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