Jakopič Gallery
overview photographic exhibition
Marc Riboud: Conscious Traveller. Concerned Photographer.
29. 5. 2018–14. 10. 2018
Marc Riboud (1923–2016), a French photographer with a worldwide reputation, as part of the Magnum Photos agency, spent many years working as a photojournalist, while also building his own oeuvre of auteur photography, which developed mostly on his unbelievably numerous journeys around the world. 
City Museum of Ljubljana
In focus
Ljubljana is space, events, time. The history are facts and the narrative that have created our present. The city is dwellers, life, changes.
Ljubljana. History. City.
Permanent exhibition
How well do you know the rich history of Slovenian capital? Pile-dwellers, Emona, Middle and New Ages, the 20th and 21st centuries… what is the history of Ljubljana?
City Museum of Ljubljana
Wedding present. Furniture designed by Zoran Didek. From the collection of the City Museum of Ljubljana
19. 5. 2018–23. 9. 2018
This exhibition showcases the early design work of Zoran Didek, in particular the living room furniture designed by Didek for his cousin Ana (also “Anica”) Jančigaj. The furniture that had been given to her by her family as a wedding present was acquired by the City Museum of Ljubljana in 2017.
Bezigrad Gallery 1
Andrej Brumen Čop A Thousand Cranes
23. 5. 2018–30. 6. 2018
An overview of works by one of the most renowned artists of Slovenian contemporary art. The exhibition presents paintings, watercolours, and books from the painter’s different creative periods, from 2012–2016.
Bezigrad Gallery 2
Overview exhibition
Maruša Šuštar Deep about us
16. 5. 2018–30. 6. 2018
The exhibition is a presentation of one of rare artists from the younger generation, who derives her work from modernist painting. The overview exhibition will present all of her essential works from the last decade from 2007-2015, with her specific bird’s eye landscapes.
Match Gallery
Dogaja se / It is Happening #4
Hanna Juta Kozar: Synthetic Happiness
12. 6. 2018–2. 7. 2018
At the fourth exhibition of the "Dogaja se / It is Happening" cycle Hanna Juta Kozar is presenting "Synthetic Happiness" photographic series.


The winners of the 2018 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards, Europe’s top honour in the field, were announced today, 15 May 2018, by the European Commission and Europa Nostra, the leading European heritage network. The 29 ...

15. May 2018
Plečnik House

On May 8, 2018 the Osten Gallery in Skopje (Macedonia) is opening an exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints by world-renowned Slovenian artist Jože Ciuha. The selection of his works was prepared by our curators Barbara Savenc and Marija Skočir.

4. May 2018
Jakopič Gallery

In June, the final two-day workshop will be held in the framework of the study group "Up Close: Photography as a Way of Seeing", which focuses on a different training model, where learning means teaching and teaching means learning: a ...

4. May 2018
Jakopič Gallery

"You are a sort of a Pygmalion, Otto Wagner told me once in a fatherly fashion," architect Jože Plečnik remembered his professor who thusly commented Plečnik’s working enthusiasm. In 2018, our north neighbour Austria is commemorating the 100th anniversary ...

12. March 2018
Plečnik House

In the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana we are proud recipients of two awards, awarded by the international guidebook "Ljubljana In Your Pocket City Guide". In the Best Art Gallery category, the City Art Gallery occupied the third place, while ...

9. February 2018

With 2017 being Plečnik Year, TV Slovenia collaborated with art historian and writer Noah Charney and the end result is the feuilleton entitled Contemplating Plečnik. You can watch it on Saturday 2 December at 5.20 p.m. on TV ...

30. November 2017
Plečnik House