Mestni muzej Ljubljana, Galerija Vžigalica
Call for a mural on the City Museum of Ljubljana facade.
25. 4. 2023–20. 6. 2023

This is an international call for proposals for a mural on the inner courtyard facade of the City Museum of Ljubljana. From the proposals received, ten will be selected by an international jury. The best or winning visual solution will be implemented on the wall and/or angled ramp or. Turn of the museum in August or September 2023, on a temporary basis. The other nine shortlisted proposals will be displayed on panels on the Turn.

Plečnik House
Dorit Margreiter Choy
Dorit Margreiter Choy A Structure, a Book, We and the Garden
26. 5. 2023–17. 9. 2023

Through these collaborations, they aim to reinvigorate and translate Plečnik's work into the present. Dorit Margreiter Choy's artistic intervention at Plečnik House as a historically marked site, including the architectural structures, the garden, and display elements, deals with the relationship between past and present, between living space and workspace, and the complicated interplay between private and public.

The Figurative
Selected examples of Slovenian art
The Figurative
6. 4. 2023–20. 8. 2023

Berko, Janez Bernik, Mirko Bratuša, Dragica Čadež, Matej Čepin, Tina Dobrajc, Milan Erič, Zdenko Huzjan, Marko Jakše, Zmago Jeraj, Staš Kleindienst, Lojze Logar, Erik Lovko, Živko Marušič, Franc Mesarič, Zoran Mušič, Silvan Omerzu, Miha Perne, France Peršin, Štefan Planinc, Marij Pregelj, Maksim Sedej ml., Marjan Skumavc, Ana Sluga, Gabrijel Stupica, Matej Stupica, Miha Štrukelj, Maruša Šuštar, Marko Šuštaršič, Milena Usenik, Sašo Vrabič, Uroš Weinberger on display.

Match Gallery
Lighting Guerrilla: Space
Lighting Guerrilla: Space
22. 5. 2023–27. 8. 2023

The 17th edition of the international Lighting Guerrilla festival, based in and around the Match Gallery, will explore issues of space, which is also its central subject. Space, that ungraspable and infinite given, in which the totality of reality unfolds on the temporal line, raises many questions and, at the same time, a series of issues of great relevance to many aspects of contemporary life.

City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Meta Krese
Overview photographic exhibition
Meta Krese Have you come to stay?
18. 5. 2023–20. 8. 2023

Opening of the exhibition: May 18, 2023 at 7 p.m..

The exhibition of photographer Meta Krese will be hitherto the most comprehensive presentation of her photographic series and cycles. The photographer is among the most prominent Slovenian photojournalists, who has established herself in this predominantly male profession.

City Museum of Ljubljana
Plečnik: The Metropolis, Place, Garden
Plečnik Year 2022
Plečnik: The Metropolis, Place, Garden
22. 6. 2022–27. 8. 2023

A central exhibition of the Plečnik Year 2022 sheds light on Plečnik’s architectural oeuvre and unveils numerous innovative ideas and techniques, which this multifaceted artist used in his diverse fields of creative work. The exhibition offers an opportunity for a reflection on Plečnik’s ideas and an artistic view of them in the 21st century.

Bezigrad Gallery 1
Tina Konec
Drawings 2020–2023
Tina Konec Layering / Manganeses and Outlines
10. 5. 2023–20. 6. 2023

The Manganese series and the Outlines series.
The painter’s more recent medium-format artwork was created daily in the form of artistic diary entries. Her focus is on exploring nature and the artistic medium through drawing – her main means of expression.

Jakopič Gallery
Ripples A Visual Diary of Water
14. 2. 2023–4. 6. 2023

The core visual story of the exhibition project Ripples: A Visual Diary of Water is narrated by cutting-edge water-themed photographs from the archives of the Dutch photography agency NOOR Images. The project is based on a re-questioning of gallery settings practice whether expensive frames, large formats and high-end display equipment really make the photographs and the exhibition more meaningful. Over 15 years of activity in Jakopič Gallery we have accumulated a lot of materials, which were up-cycled through the co-creative process. The concept and the experience of the exhibition it is also supported with soundscapes.

Plečnik House
Plečnik House with a permanent 'Plečnik' exhibition
a pearl of Slovenian cultural heritage of 20th century
Plečnik House with a permanent 'Plečnik' exhibition
Permanent exhibition

“A tower, a mule, me and the garden” – that is how Jože Plečnik imagined his life when he didn’t know yet that after Vienna and Prague his native Ljubljana would be his lifetime’s environment for his creative work.

City Museum of Ljubljana
Ancient walls for modern people
Ancient walls for modern people 10 years of adventures in the Archaeological Park Emona
6. 4. 2023–3. 9. 2023

The Emona Archaeological Park, with its 2000-year-old remains of the Roman colony of Emona, forms part of Ljubljana city centre. Development of the park began in the 1930s. During the most recent restoration work, 10 years ago, we decided to protect and revitalise the Emonan remains by creating an exciting programme and encouraging the public to visit. Today, where ancient walls once stood, we now create, learn and amuse ourselves.

City Museum of Ljubljana
A mysterious grave without a body
A mysterious grave without a body Two Emonan burials in Argentina Park
8. 2. 2023–8. 10. 2023

In July and August 2022, during renovation of the hot water supply system in Argentina Park, archaeological research was carried out in the area between Štefanova ulica and Puharjeva ulica. The excavations uncovered part of Roman Emona’s northern cemetery. At one time, this would have extended along the road leading to Celeia (today’s Celje).

City Museum of Ljubljana
Oton Župančič: Drawings
Oton Župančič: Drawings “Pinxi me ergo sum” / “I have painted myself, therefore I am"
30. 3. 2023–30. 9. 2023

 The exhibition presents 158 artworks from seven sketchbooks and folders with individual drawings, which could be often distinguished by the same impulses we encounter in his poetry.

Bezigrad Gallery 2
Borut Krajnc
Photographs 2005–2021
Borut Krajnc Like Here and Beyond
17. 5. 2023–24. 6. 2023

The cycles Emptiness, Pressure and Transition featuring documentary photographs taken between 2005 and 2021 reveal the authors eye for local and global socio-political phenomena. With a clever conceptual approach he tackles current dilemmas of the capitalistic economy, the press and the post-COVID society.


The Jakopič Gallery on 6 April 2023 hosted the event WATER: Science and Art: Communicating science of water and its importance through visual, artistic and media language. Scientific knowledge about water is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. This calls for an ...

14. April 2023
Jakopič Gallery

On the occasion of the exhibition of the socially engaged photographer and member of Magnum Photos Susan Meiselas, Jakopič Gallery announces an open call for participation at the masterclass Photography Empowers for photographers and visual storytellers working with ...

28. March 2023
Jakopič Gallery

On the occasion of the exhibition Ripples: A Visual Diary of Water, we will be holding an art-poster campaign on the theme of Water on Tuesday, 14 March from 10 a.m. on TAM-TAM pillars around Ljubljana in collaboration with ...

13. March 2023
Jakopič Gallery

With the opening of the exhibition Ripples: A Visual Diary of Water, the Destilator pop-up shop was also launched at the Jakopič Gallery. In the sustainable spirit of the Ripples project, you can find in it useful recycled products ...

23. February 2023
Jakopič Gallery

When we talk about water, we must not neglect the connection between water and sound and their impact on the human body and life. That is why the curators of the Ripples: A Visual Diary of Water exhibition decided to ...

17. February 2023
Jakopič Gallery

The core visual story of the exhibition project Ripples: A Visual Diary of Water is narrated by cutting-edge water-themed photographs from the archives of the Dutch photography agency NOOR Images. The project is based on a re-questioning of gallery settings ...

30. January 2023
Jakopič Gallery

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