Hiša Plečnik House

The book "Hiša Plečnik House: on the centenary of the purchase of the house at 4 Karunova street in the year of Plečnik House's comprehensive renovation (1915–2015)" offers a comprehensive ...

Plečnik and the Sacred

A catalogue was published with the exhibition 'Plečnik and the Sacred'. In it, the exhibition's author, Tomaž Jurca, PhD, explores Plečnik's idea of what is sacred.

Plečnik's Architecture in Ljubljana

The book Plečnik's Architecture in Ljubljana, written by Andrej Hrausky, an architect who already authored several books and is a connoisseur of Plečnik's work, brings a comprehensive overview of Plečnik's ...

Noah Charney: Eternal Architect

The new book about the life and work of Jože Plečnik brings a fresh view on the Slovenian architect through the eyes of Noah Charney, PhD. The author connects and ...

Ljubica Čehovin - Suna: How to Draw a City?

The catalogue published with the exhibition of the same name offers a comprehensive insight into the works of the designer Ljubica Čehovin - Suna, who also found inspiration for her ...

Plečnik's unrealised projects for Ljubljana

Plečnik's unrealised projects were recreated with 3D modelling, visualisation and 3D print for the exhibition at the Plečnik House.

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