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The beginning and ending of your visit to the iconic Plečnik House is at the small museum shop, where you can purchase your tickets and search for original souvenirs. The shop also has a wide selection of publications on Plečnik and his architecture, as well as on other masters of architecture. The fascinating monograph Hiša Plečnik House thus focuses on the comprehensive renovation of Plečnik’s home, if you want an in-depth exploration of Plečnik’s Ljubljana look no further than Plečnik’s Architecture in Ljubljana (by Andrej Hrausky), while Eternal Architect by the American author Dr Noah Charney gives its readers a good insight into the life of the architect.

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Eternal Architect and Plečnik's Architecture in Ljubljana © MGML documentation

The shop also offers a number of designer goods, which have been inspired by Plečnik's work. You can find something that suits your taste from the Breakfast with Plečnik souvenir line by designer Ljubica Suna Čehovin, decide for one of the red-and-black Makalonca products, or for something in the colourful collections of Ivan and Helena Vurnik, and Max Fabiani.

­­You might be persuaded by one of the original graphic prints made by young Slovenian artists, who, through their art, presented a new view of the architect, his work and life. Try on the Bunka brooch by designer Martina Lončar, who was inspired by the Infernal Courtyard of the Križanke complex in Ljubljana. Alongside small products such as pencils, magnets with various Plečnik motifs or postage stamps honouring Plečnik, we also prepared a selection of goods for artists of all ages: colouring sheets of Plečnik’s Ljubljana, model kits for making three of Plečnik’s buildings (Plečnik House, National and University Library, St. Michael’s Church), and a special guidebook for families, which will take you to a riddle and fun-filled path through Plečnik’s Ljubljana.

Museum Shop is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. 

For information and orders contact us: shop@mgml.si.

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