Noah Charney: Eternal Architect

The new book about the life and work of Jože Plečnik brings a fresh view on the Slovenian architect through the eyes of Noah Charney, PhD. The author connects and presents Plečnik’s works through the architect’s life story, especially his periods in Vienna, Prague and Ljubljana.

Reading the book through the lenses of history, aesthetics and art history reveals the master’s spiritual dimensions, his housing and design preferences as well as his attitude to his own Slovenian nation, which Plečnik wanted to elevate and help it create its own national architectural language. In his attempts to do so, Plečnik faced the Classical and the Modern, Central European and Mediterranean, which he then combined in an organic post-modern stimmung

Monograph format 230x300 mm, hard cover
No. of pages: 256

Noah Charney
Večni arhitekt: življenje in delo Jožeta Plečnika, modernističnega mistika 
ISBN 978-961-94115-8-2

Eternal architect: the life and art of Jože Plečnik, modernist mystic 
ISBN 978-961-94115-9-9

Price: 39 €

Noah Charney
Eternal architect: the life and art of Jože Plečnik, modernist mystic 

Author: Noah Charney
Foreword by: dr. Peter Krečič

Published and produced by:
Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, represented by Blaž Peršin, Director
Totaliteta Publishers, Ljubljana, represented by Luka Novak, Director

Editors: Luka Novak, Valentina Smej Novak
Notes and quotations editor: Katja Jenčič
Design and layout: Domen Fras, aparat.org
Expert consultants MGML, Plečnik House: Ana Porok, curator, and Maja Kovač, communications

1st print run
800 copies
Ljubljana, 2017

Noah Charney: Eternal Architect
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