Saša Spačal
Saša Spačal MycoMythologies
22. 10. 2021–3. 12. 2021

In her work, Saša Spačal primarily explores the entanglement of nature and culture, focusing on how all changes are embedded in an infinite number of micro and macro feedback loops, driven by the metabolism of microorganisms, which are invisible to the human eye.

Neža Knez
Neža Knez Skozi te iste pore se še vedno zliva taisti znoj, poskus 2 (Cirkulacije)
16. 12. 2021–21. 1. 2022

In her creative pratice Neža Knez uses various media, such as audio, video, photography, drawing and performance. She graduated in Sculpture and received her masters diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts (ALUO) and Design. Through the event or interventions in urban spaces, she is questioning the social, economic, and political aspects of our society.

Past exhibitions

Danilo Milovanović
Danilo MilovanovićDecentralisation
14. 9. 2021–15. 10. 2021
Danilo Milovanović's artworks are literally rooted in the urban tissue, for this is where the artist finds his inspiration and where he is most likely to display his works. He addresses important social issues through works that analyse and question the gentrification and commercialisation processes that take place in urban centres.
Polonca Lovšin
Polonca LovšinMovement for Public Speech
10. 8. 2021–8. 9. 2021
The exhibition Movement for Public Speech by artist Polonca Lovšin is the first installation of the project in a gallery space. It is a project in progress that temporarily occupies a public space in an urban environment and encourages participants to communicate and act together.
Constanze Ruhm
skupinska razstava
Constanze RuhmLa strada (è ancora) più lunga
30. 4. 2021–20. 6. 2021
The project interweaves several threads relating to the history and present of Italian feminism, taking the form of a dual-screen video installation connected to a series of photographs.
Maja Smrekar
Maja SmrekarOptical Disturbance
24. 12. 2020–12. 3. 2021
Many natural history museums around the globe are facing the dilemma of how to adjust the presentation of their collections in line with new trends. It is not a coincidence that while the public is witnessing a clash between the advocates and opponents of dioramas – with the former finding them as much under threat as animals and ecosystems exhibited, and the latter regarding them as an obsolete propaganda tool used by imperialist forces – Maja Smrekar is seeking to bring the diorama back to life in her project Optical Disturbance.
Arjan Pregl
Arjan PreglChildlike paintings
24. 9. 2020–6. 11. 2020
Certain contemporary artistic approaches and practices, especially those in which echoes of high modernism can be discerned, are sometimes described in terms of transcendental illustrations of “repressed meaning”. Such use of the notion of the unconscious in the field of the visual arts may also be seen as controversial, raising questions of what is concealed and allowing interpretive pirouettes and theories revolving around the sublime and the abstract.
Viktor Bernik
Viktor BernikHA, HA, HA!
3. 6. 2020–31. 7. 2020
Viktor Bernik’s creative output is endowed with two distinctive features: referencing social reality and the use of various formal solutions. Bernik takes on contemporary society with playfulness and humour, shifting back and forth between the fields of painting and those of drawing, video, graphics as well as spatial installation, intervention and events.

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