Dominik Mahnič
Dominik Mahnič Steering the Brush
19. 9. 2023–5. 11. 2023

Dominik Mahnič, an emblematic figure nestled between the realms of academic painting, video mastery, technology, and street art insurgency, raises questions about the perpetual dialectics between classical artistry and the onslaught of contemporary technological modalities. Within this discourse emerges the Brushograph - a complex symbol not merely of art but also of the intersections between past, present, and anticipated futures.

Giovanni Morbin
Giovanni Morbin Hybrid Actions
28. 11. 2023–14. 1. 2024

At the end of November, the Match Gallery will host a retrospective exhibition of the Italian artist and performer Giovanni Morbin named Hybrid Actions. Since 1978, Morbin's artistic research has been linked to behaviour, and for him performance is the ideal tool to express ideas.

Past exhibitions

Lighting Guerrilla: Space
Lighting Guerrilla: Space
22. 5. 2023–27. 8. 2023
The 17th edition of the international Lighting Guerrilla festival, based in and around the Match Gallery, will explore issues of space, which is also its central subject. Space, that ungraspable and infinite given, in which the totality of reality unfolds on the temporal line, raises many questions and, at the same time, a series of issues of great relevance to many aspects of contemporary life.
Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia VII: Jesenice
Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia VII: Jesenice
4. 4. 2023–7. 5. 2023
The exhibition caravan of the Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia series, which focuses on the local characteristics of specific areas, this time head to the railway town of Jesenice and its wider surroundings. The artworks on display, which originate from, are inspired by or created by artists from the area, question the idea of home, which takes on different meanings and images in this environment due to its specific geographical, cultural and historical position.
Marcel Valentini
Marcel ValentiniOriginal Forgeries
7. 2. 2023–19. 3. 2023
The exhibition will attempt to capture the figure and work of a Slovenian painter Marko Premrl which has changed its name to Marcel Valentini, and was involved, during and after studying painting in Italy, in the creation of forgeries with a certificate within the group Musée imaginaire. In addition to his creative practice, which he later carried out in Slovenia, he was probably the only forger who was involved in a criminal prosecution with a judicial epilogue in our country. Most of these cases instead end up in media scandals and leave too many open questions.
LEONE CONTINIConstructed Landscapes
29. 11. 2022–15. 1. 2023
Italian multimedia artist, philosopher and cultural anthropologist Leone Contini studies heritage, intercultural contacts and hierarchical power relations as consequences of transnational migration. Constructed Landscapes explores the interplay of circumstances in which the idea of an authentic Tuscan landscape in the surroundings of Prato, a town mainly known for its textile industry, meets the land cultivation practices of migrant small-scale farmers from Southeast China.
4. 10. 2022–13. 11. 2022
The sixth in a series of exhibitions under the title Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia, which aims to link Ljubljana with current regional artistic initiatives and groups, presents the peculiarities of the Pomurje artistic environment.
"GIARDINO ALL'ITALIANA": New tendencies in italian painting
"GIARDINO ALL'ITALIANA": New tendencies in italian painting
28. 6. 2022–11. 9. 2022
In collaboration with the renowned italian art critic and independent curator Antonio Grulli, we will present a group exhibition of the younger generation of contemporary artists and the new schools of Italian painting that have emerged from gatherings of painting communities across Italy.

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