Lighting Guerrilla: Transformations
Lighting Guerrilla: Transformations
24. 5. 2024–1. 9. 2024

This year, the Lighting Guerrilla is officially entering the age of adulthood - with the 18th edition of the festival, which is dedicated to the artistic exploration of the medium of light and is considered to be a unique manifestation of this type in the local area. This year’s festival topic is Transformations; works selected thematise and reflect on different aspects of change and transformation that we are witnessing in our environment or in our lives.

Matej Stupica
Matej Stupica
26. 9. 2024–17. 11. 2024

From the end of September at the Match Gallery we will be presenting Matej Stupica (1987), an academic painter, working in various fields of contemporary art and theatre. Our exhibition space will become a production space for new works and a thematically tailored solo exhibition of Stupica's research into the expanded meaning of drawing and installation in relation to the use of sound.

Past exhibitions

Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia VIII
9. 4. 2024–12. 5. 2024
The focus of the eighth edition of the exhibition series Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia is on Zasavje. The exhibition with a title of broad relevance, Tubolje reveals the artistic potential and cultural influences of the local districts through the works of Boris Beja, Đejmi Hadrović, Maša Jazbec, Matic Kos, Milan Razboršek and Ulla Žibert.
The Miha Artnak
The Miha ArtnakOwned
13. 2. 2024–24. 3. 2024
The exhibition Owned by artist and designer The Miha Artnak seeks to redefine our understanding of ownership and property by introducing innovative concepts of non-ownership and public-private property. Seven artworks challenge traditional views of art, exploring concepts of ownership, authorship, and authenticity using modern technology and services.
Giovanni Morbin
Giovanni MorbinHybridizactions, from 1995 to the present
28. 11. 2023–21. 1. 2024
As a tribute to Ljubljana at the Match Gallery we host a retrospective exhibition of the Italian artist and performer Giovanni Morbin named Hybridizactions, from 1995 to the present. Since the beggining Morbin's artistic research has been linked to behaviour, and for him performance is the ideal tool to express ideas. In the 1990s, Morbin was a regular guest on the Ljubljana art scene and conceived and performed four Hybridizactions in the city, which later had a significant impact on his international artistic career. Morbin also prepared a new Hybridizaction 16, Evergreen for the exhibition in Ljubljana.
Dominik Mahnič
Dominik MahničSteering the Brush
19. 9. 2023–5. 11. 2023
Dominik Mahnič, an emblematic figure nestled between the realms of academic painting, video mastery, technology, and street art insurgency, raises questions about the perpetual dialectics between classical artistry and the onslaught of contemporary technological modalities. Within this discourse emerges the Brushograph - a complex symbol not merely of art but also of the intersections between past, present, and anticipated futures.
Lighting Guerrilla: Space
Lighting Guerrilla: Space
22. 5. 2023–27. 8. 2023
The 17th edition of the international Lighting Guerrilla festival, based in and around the Match Gallery, will explore issues of space, which is also its central subject. Space, that ungraspable and infinite given, in which the totality of reality unfolds on the temporal line, raises many questions and, at the same time, a series of issues of great relevance to many aspects of contemporary life.
Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia VII
4. 4. 2023–7. 5. 2023
The exhibition caravan of the Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia series, which focuses on the local characteristics of specific areas, this time head to the railway town of Jesenice and its wider surroundings. The artworks on display, which originate from, are inspired by or created by artists from the area, question the idea of home, which takes on different meanings and images in this environment due to its specific geographical, cultural and historical position.

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