Yoshinori Niwa: On Rehabilitation of Domination and Domain
Yoshinori Niwa: On Rehabilitation of Domination and Domain
14. 9. 2021–31. 10. 2021

The exhibition is a topical overview of the projects of Yoshinori Niwa within the triangle of money-politics-ecology, which also characterises the artists' performative social interactions in public space.

Stran 22
Stran 22
23. 11. 2021–23. 1. 2022

The fifth exhibition of the series that connects Ljubljana with current regional art initiatives and groups will present the specifics of the art environment of the Slovenian coastline. 

Past exhibitions

Name:Time will Tell
2. 7. 2021–29. 8. 2021
At the exhibition we present a selection of artistic statements and interventions in urban space by the artist, who gave himself a nameless name: Name:. Conceptually, his works are based on the treatment and questions of public space (mis)use, with an emphasis on current social changes.
Lighting Guerrilla: Reality
Lighting Guerrilla: Reality
24. 5. 2021–19. 6. 2021
The main exhibition of the 15th Lighting Guerrilla festival will take place at the Match Gallery, with several locations in the gallery's immediate vicinity and other venues across the town centre hosting other festival events.
Double Part Time
Double Part Time
16. 4. 2021–16. 5. 2021
Reflections of the working class in Minerva Archive (Cluj, Romania) through the contemporary works by Dénes Miklósi, Szilárd Miklós, Răzvan Anton, Iulia Toma, Claudiu Cobilanschi, Csanád Kedves, Bálint Bolcsó and the complementary archive material by Cornel Rus and István Fischer.
Borut Krajnc: Transition
The exhibition in the display windows of the gallery can be viewed each day from 00:00 to 24:00.
Borut Krajnc: Transition
3. 3. 2021–11. 4. 2021
Due to the uncertain accesibility of cultural content caused by frequent changes in security measures, the exhibition is displayed 24 hours in the gallery windows facing the street, from where it invites visitors to safely enjoy a selection of original photographs by Borut Krajnc.
Out of Range – Ephemeral Effect
FuoriscalaVideo installation in the display windows of the gallery can be viewed each day from 16:00 to 8:00.
19. 12. 2020–8. 2. 2021
Athropocene is the era in which we live, and the data we collected show that things are already out of range. Things are out of control, they are "fuoriscala".
Tony Oursler: Experimentum crucis
Tony Oursler: Experimentum crucis
9. 9. 2020–25. 10. 2020
The exhibition consists of three projects by acclaimed American artist Tony Oursler: multimedia installation Phase Trans (2019), Eclipse (2019), a series of outdoor projections that merge the natural world with human narrative, and Imponderable Digital Archive (2016-20) which represents a selection of more than 1,000 images from the artist’s archive. 

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