Dogaja se / It is Happening #4
Hanna Juta Kozar: Synthetic Happiness
12. 6. 2018–2. 7. 2018
At the fourth exhibition of the "Dogaja se / It is Happening" cycle Hanna Juta Kozar is presenting "Synthetic Happiness" photographic series.
Ali Bramwell: Attachment Drawing: Promise of Work
3. 7. 2018–19. 8. 2018
Ali Bramwell, an academically trained sculptor and performance artist from New Zealand, uses kinetic installations trough physical strains of her body. Her installations often incorporate the possibility of exploitation, impermanence, absurdity and failure.
Seeing Eye Awareness
5. 9. 2018–21. 10. 2018
"Seeing Eye Awareness" exhibition celebrates the artist as cultural clairvoyant, as someone having a third eye opened unto the secrets of society, as someone who has been appointed to reveal mystical truths. 
Saša Spačal: Earthconnect
6. 11. 2018–30. 12. 2018
Earthconnect is a project designed by bio artist Saša Spačal who mainly explores the connection between people and nature, also using contemporary technology. 

Past exhibitions

Lighting Guerrilla: Colours
11. 5. 2018–16. 6. 2018
In its current edition, the festival of light that celebrates its 12th anniversary, will comprise numerous lighting installations, objects and projections to be presented in the streets and squares of Ljubljana, and in two gallery settings.
Dogaja se / It is Happening #3
Lucija Kržišnik: mesoamericas y yo
8. 5. 2018–11. 6. 2018
At the third exhibition of the "Dogaja se / It is Happening" cycle Lucija Kržišnik is presenting the illustration triptych "mesoamericas y yo".
Journey Is Practice Is Journey Is…
10. 4. 2018–4. 5. 2018
The end chasing the beginning semantically, thus creating ever new meanings and paths in turn, the title of the exhibition indicates an experience of travelling, maybe even vagabonding, which is typical of the experiential creative practice of Metod Blejec.
Dogaja se / It is Happening #2
Klara Debeljak: Shadows
10. 4. 2018–7. 5. 2018
At the second exhibition of the "Dogaja se / It is Happening" cycle Klara Debeljak is presenting the illustration triptych "Shadows".
Dogaja se / It is Happening #1
Zarja Ražman: emergenze
6. 3. 2018–9. 4. 2018
At the first exhibition of the "Dogaja se / It is Happening" cycle Zarja Ražman is presenting the triptych of works comprising "Delusions", "Forest" and "Wake up!", which is  the result of conceptual exploration entitled "emergenze".
Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia
Sea by the City
27. 2. 2018–1. 4. 2018
The second exhibition in the series "Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia" is crossing the national border to present in the Match Gallery contemporary artists from far and near who have set up a home in greater Trieste.