Match Gallery

The Match Gallery, as its name tells us, is a space for fiery new ideas. It is a venue dedicated to projects from all sorts of contemporary artistic practices; performance, visual arts, audio-visual, and other. Within this smaller and extremely flexible venue in the very centre of Ljubljana we are stimulating varying reactions of culture and art in the context of urban culture, while we are also contributing to the definition of this phenomenon. Match Gallery is a laboratory of new ideas, creative formulas and inventive approaches towards quality art production.

© Blaž Gutman / MGML

© Blaž Gutman / MGML

The gallery's name – Match Gallery – has been connected to the French Revolution Square since the gallery’s inception in 2007, and to ideas that ignite and incinerate. Three more symbolical definitions of the gallery’s programme can be derived from its name, as "match" can stand for igniting, encouraging new ideas and concepts, "match" as compatibility and collaboration with independent contemporary art curators, and "match" as a test of power on the fields of collecting, art, and culture.

Match Gallery is one of the most adaptable venues of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana. Its role is that of an intermediary, as it transfers heritage through contemporary art. Its exhibition projects are devised to encourage collaborations with curators, artists, and scientist, who research heritage and present it in innovative ways.

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