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"Dogaja se / It is Happening" and "Takle mamo … / So it has come to this…" are two cycles of exhibitions, which form the 12-month "TAM-TAM’s Street Gallery" project, a TAM-TAM company project on Vegova street. In March 2018 the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana took the task of curating 12 exhibitions.
The semantically layered title of the series of exhibitions "Dogaja se / It is Happening" hints at the response of contributing authors seeking their own interpretations in understanding the concept, and also at the passers-by responding to works of art, texts, maybe installations and diverse media or interactive approaches of contributing artists. Awareness of the current state or recognising a situation, presence, responsibility, solidarity, disregard, automatism, questioning the structure of formal relationships and public happenings, questioning the level of society and culture being internalised or our reflection on the perception of structured mechanisms in our surroundings – these are the basic cues, hints for communication, questions related to the concept.

This is about seeking new approaches to creation for the sake of uncovering different views, about the desire for denaturalising institutionalised discourses in the field of art, about the aspiration to embrace the widest cultural context possible.
The curatorial impulse represents an initiative for dialogue with the author and for designating the space to subjective experiences of both parties, which can thus be transferred from intimate to socially active consequences and contributions to the community.

"The role of utopias is not to be reached: it is to stimulate us to try harder and go further."  (Augusto Boal)

Petra Radoja, curator of the exhibition cycle "Dogaja se / It is Happening"

© Andrej Peunik/MGML

© Andrej Peunik/MGML

In the frame of the "Dogaja se / It is Happening" cycle we are presenting:

6. 3.–9. 4. 2018
Zarja Ražman: emergenze

10. 4.–7. 5. 2018
Klara Debeljak: Shadows

8. 5.–7. 6. 2018
Lucija Kržišnik: mesoamericas y yo

12. 6.–2. 7. 2018
Hanna Juta Kozar: Synthetic Happiness

3. 7.–2. 8. 2018
Tinka Leskovšek: Hair

In the frame of the "Takle mamo … / So it has come to this…" cycle we are presenting:

3. 8.–4. 9. 2018
Julien Moulin: Terra Incognita

5. 9.–8. 10. 2018
L: Hex to ward off reptilian brainwashing 

9. 10.–5. 11. 2018
Dorijan Šiško: WELLNESS

6. 11.–10. 12. 2018
Teja Miholič: Accidental Internet Artefacts

© Andrej Peunik/MGML

© Andrej Peunik/MGML

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