When in Doubt, Go to a Museum
For art lovers and art collectors!
When in Doubt, Go to a Museum
26. 1. 2021–25. 4. 2021

When in Doubt, Go to a Museum is a new exhibition highlighting the important role played by art collectors. It has been put together by a team from the City Museum of Ljubljana, with Tevž Logar as guest curator.

Late Antique gravestone from Gosposvetska Street
A monument erected by devoted parents
Late Antique gravestone from Gosposvetska Street From Museum Treasury
21. 12. 2020–28. 3. 2021

From the first third of the 4th century CE to the early part of the 5th, there was a cemetery beneath present-day Gosposvetska Street, to the west of the main northern approach road to the Roman Emona. The cemetery had grown up around a structure that contained a number of graves and that had been built there in the second half of the 3rd century. The oldest of these graves, which are probably early Christian, was of a woman and contained a blue glass bowl.

Corona Project
Call for local communitiy. Content mainly in Slovene language.
Corona Project When corona goes to the museum
30. 3. 2020–31. 3. 2021

Corona collection project

Ljubljana. History. City.
Find your own favourite period in Ljubljana’s history!
Ljubljana. History. City. Discover the Spirit of the City!
Permanent exhibition

How well do you know the rich history of Slovenian capital? Pile-dwellers, Emona, Middle and New Ages, the 20th and 21st centuries… what is the history of Ljubljana? Get to know Ljubljana's past - see the chronological presentation of Ljubljana’s millennia of heritage with precious authentic artefacts, like the world's oldest wooden wheel with an axle!

Tobacco Museum
Tobacco Museum
Permanent exhibition

The Tobacco Museum – a collection of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana and Tobačna Ljubljana – emerged 20 years ago from close co-operation between the tobacco factory and the City Museum of Ljubljana.

Archaeological park Emona
Archaeological park Emona
3. 4. 2021–30. 9. 2021

A special place in Ljubljana's history is reserved for Roman Emona, the traces of which have been preserved in the very centre of the city.

Welcome to a trail tracing the 2000-year-old heritage of Emona. A walk through modern Ljubljana can take you further than you think! It takes you to the time of Emona, a city brimming with life between the first century and early sixth century. 

Villa Zlatica
Villa Zlatica The Villa of Mayor of Ljubljana, Ivan Hribar
Permanent exhibition

Hommage to Ivan Hribar and his daughter dr. Zlatica Hribar

The 1821 Congress of Ljubljana
The 1821 Congress of Ljubljana An exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Congress of Ljubljana
17. 6. 2021–2. 1. 2022

In 2021, during the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the exhibition will associate Ljubljana and Slovenia with their historical and current roles in the European international relations.

Past exhibitions

Virtual exhibition
OLD PATTERNS, NEW LACESPatterns of the DOZ Ljubljana
23. 9. 2020–19. 12. 2020
Festival INDIGO: Now is Too late
Festival INDIGO: Now is Too late
8. 9. 2020–11. 9. 2020
The fifth edition of the Indigo Festival will take place under the title "Now is Too Late" and under the circumstances set by our new reality. Freedom of culture and thought thus now carries that much more weight to prevent us succumbing to the lethargy and powerlessness injected by the current sociopolitical situation.
1 ticket to 11 museums
1 ticket to 11 museumsLjubljana museums’ collective special offer for the summer
1. 7. 2020–30. 8. 2020
This is the time to see the treasures of Slovene heritage!
Ivan Cankar Memorial Room
Ivan Cankar Memorial Room
16. 5. 2020–18. 10. 2020
Ivan Cankar, a Slovenian author, playwright and essayist born in 1876 in Vrhnika, spent a few years of his life in Ljubljana. Having returned from Vienna to Ljubljana, he established himself on Rožnik Hill which today forms part of the Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski hrib landscape park.
Živimo zgodovino
#ostanidomaNaj muzej pride k tebi
15. 3. 2020–30. 4. 2020
Na dajavo, brez osebnih srečanj in z veliko željo, da se kmalu spet vidimo, vas v teh nenavadnih časih s spletnimi vsebinami in prošnjami po sodelovanju vabimo, da ostanete v stiku z nami.

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