A major exhibition about the achievements of the Early Modern Period in Ljubljana
BOOK. KNOWLEDGE. REASON. From Protestantism to Enlightenment (1500–1800)
14. 11. 2019–30. 8. 2020
Our annual exhibition Book. Knowledge. Reason. presents the processes and events that encouraged and fostered the cultural and spiritual development in Ljubljana from the end of the 15th to the beginning of the 19th century – from humanism and Protestantism to the Enlightenment.
The history of the exploration of Emona goes back several centuries and is full of thrills and exciting finds, of things forgotten and rediscovered.
The first major excavations of Emona Archaeology from a historical perspective
17. 12. 2019–23. 2. 2020
Major restoration works carried out in Ljubljana over the last two decades, along with the rescue excavations that accompanied them, have again put Emona, our capital’s Roman predecessor, in the spotlight. Once more we have seen that almost everywhere in Ljubljana we have Roman remains beneath our feet.
Find your own favourite period in Ljubljana’s history!
Ljubljana. History. City.
Permanent exhibition
How well do you know the rich history of Slovenian capital? Pile-dwellers, Emona, Middle and New Ages, the 20th and 21st centuries… what is the history of Ljubljana? Get to know Ljubljana's past - see the chronological presentation of Ljubljana’s millennia of heritage with precious authentic artefacts, like the world's oldest wooden wheel with an axle!
Oton Župančič Memorial Collection
Permanent exhibition
The atmosphere of Župančič's rooms, his artistic work, and the objects accompanying him tell a story of both the artist and his time. Župančič’s literary oeuvre, in whose framework his last collection of poems Zimzelen pod snegom (The Evergreen beneath the Snow, 1945) is specially emphasised, encourages visitors to read the artist’s poems.
Tobacco Museum
Permanent exhibition
The Tobacco Museum – a collection of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana and Tobačna Ljubljana – emerged 20 years ago from close co-operation between the tobacco factory and the City Museum of Ljubljana.
Slikar Andrej Herrlein (okoli 1739–1817) je bil pomemben ljubljanski portretist srednjega sloja meščanov.
Poznobaročni slikar Herrlein
25. 3. 2020–8. 9. 2020
Mestni muzej Ljubljana hrani obsežno zbirko portretov, ki so delo Andreja Herrleina.
Sodobni ples v stoletju gibanj
Desha Podgoršek Delteil
1. 10. 2020–28. 2. 2021
Desha Podgoršek Delteil (1899–1984) se je rodila na Križevniški ulici v Ljubljani, končala licej, potem pa ob koncu 1. svetovne vojne z družino emigrirala v ZDA. Postala je plesalka in model številnim fotografom (Nickolas Muray) in kiparkam (Harriet Whitney Frishmuth).

Past exhibitions

Vodstva in degustacije vsako polno uro, med 10. in 16. uro.
Razstava slovenskih peninSodelovanje BIC Ljubljana, Mestnega muzeja Ljubljana in Turizma Ljubljana
3. 12. 2019–5. 12. 2019
Ste vedeli, da imamo v Sloveniji več kot 200 različnih penin?
From Vatican Museums to the City Museum of Ljubljana
Plečnik and the Sacred. Jože Plečnik, Slovenian Architect and Designer
26. 9. 2019–8. 12. 2019
[THE EXHIBITION IS PROLONGED UNTIL 8 DECEMBER 2019] Jože Plečnik was not just a master of monumental architecture; he was also an exceptional designer of sacred objects. After an exceptional response from visitors at Vatican Museums, the exhibition with 33 selected objects of the Plečnik liturgical vessels will be exclusively presented also at the City Museum of Ljubljana as part of the celebration of the European Cultural Heritage days.
(Ne)odkrita arheologija LjubljaneArchaeological Heritage in Urban Space
7. 6. 2019–8. 9. 2019
Archaeological research of Gosposvetska cesta, Slovenska cesta, Prešernova cesta, Erjavčeva cesta, Tribuna, Križanke, Dalmatinova ulica, Vegova ulica (KGBL) and the area of the University of Ljubljana.
Greek Orthodox icons framed in the IRWIN style
Was ist Kunst Hugo BallIRWIN
24. 5. 2019–15. 9. 2019
In the Was ist Kunst Hugo Ball exhibition, Orthodox icons are confronted by IRWIN-framed Dada works, in line with Dionysius' invocation.
Icons from the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Sergiev Posad State History and Art Museum and the Yaroslavl Art Museum
ICONSTreasures from Russian Museums
24. 5. 2019–15. 9. 2019
Experience the splendour of world heritage at this exhibition of priceless Russian icons!
Ivan Cankar Memorial Room
27. 4. 2019–31. 10. 2019
Ivan Cankar, a Slovenian author, playwright and essayist born in 1876 in Vrhnika, spent a few years of his life in Ljubljana. Having returned from Vienna to Ljubljana, he established himself on Rožnik Hill which today forms part of the Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski hrib landscape park.