Artefacts, images, and texts, condensed into ten chapters, bring to life the history of Ljubljana, from the prehistoric first settlement to the development of a modern capital and contemporary city.

Within it one will find the names of those who have shaped the past, present and the future of the city.

Only in Slovene language

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Today it is golden shopping carts that are bringing us to the new age. In the past, privatisation vouchers, large home appliances, self-management, games of military hide-and-seek, the earliest trade ...

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A comic strip story about the city of Ljubljana and its inhabitants in the period from 1941 to 1945.

Lace - a decorative openwork of thread made with needles, knitting needles, bobbins, crochet needles or shuttles.

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A long and picturesque history of Auersperg Palace in Ljubljana.

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