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Be a host in the City Museum of Ljubljana and Cukrarna yourself: Choose a special place for your protocolar reception, conference, seminar, or special event. In a carefully renovated palaces featuring both preserved peculiarities of the past and all the state-of-the-art equipment you may require for a top event, you can choose from among five special venues.

MGML, City Museum of Ljubljana
Communications Department
Gosposka ulica 15
1000 Ljubljana
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Your event will certainly be unforgettable: your guests will be offered an exclusive guided tour of the palace halls including the collections of the City Museum of Ljubljana, they will have an opportunity to choose souvenirs laden with stories from the past. Here, in the very centre of a modern European capital, the distinct atmosphere will help them bring time to a standstill.

MGML, Cukrarna Gallery
Poljanski nasip 40
1000 Ljubljana
+386 1 2412 572

Atrium with a courtyard

Inspiring with its arcade corridor and open view of the sky.

White marble. Glazed galleries. Magnificent stone columns and vaults. A view of the inner courtyard. Surrounded by illuminated arcade corridors. The courtyard offering a sight of a blue or starry sky. At the very heart of Auersperg Palace there is an extraordinary venue for special occasions: receptions, concerts, fashion shows and thematic presentations.

This is where concert music played for a selected crowd sounds differently. This is where the reception of guests is distinguished by nobleness. This is where steps in a fashion show are provided with a different catwalk. This is where thematic presentations simply gain in significance. On warm summer evenings the inner courtyard transforms into a very special summer auditorium.


  • standing receptions for up to 200 participants
  • seated banquets for up to 80 participants


  • The courtyard and the atrium are connected to the café. From the courtyard a special curve rises up – a spiral emphasising the space’s amphitheatric shape and linking various exhibition rooms. 

Your event can also be enriched by a guided tour of the Museum.

Projection hall

In the calm of the museum rooms, modern presentations will be facilitated by up-to-date equipment.

A conference hall on the ground floor of Auersperg Palace. State-of-the-art technical equipment. Enter into a contemporary space of today through magnificent doors of the centuries-old building!

Given its size and equipment, the projection hall of the City Museum of Ljubljana is appropriate for medium-sized lectures, round-table discussions, projections, press conferences, symposia and various presentations. Due to the simultaneous interpretation equipment, the premises also facilitate international meetings. The ground-floor position allows easy access to the café and atrium.


  • 81 comfortable chairs with writing tablets
  • up to 30 additional seats
  • a loudspeaker system
  • a projector and a screen
  • a DVD player
  • a portable computer
  • an overhead projector and a slide projector
  • simultaneous interpretation equipment

Pedagogic classroom

For new knowledge and smaller celebrations.

Perfectly big. Perfectly small. Perfectly equipped. A perfect place for a group seeking a stimulating environment for obtaining new insights and for gatherings! The City Museum’s pedagogic classroom situated on the ground floor of Auersperg Palace is the right choice for holding diverse workshops, courses and the like. The room is also appropriate for smaller celebrations – let your child throw a different birthday party. The classroom can also be used in relation to events going on in other parts of Auersperg Palace.


  • a projector
  • a screen
  • a CD player
  • a portable computer

Cukrarna gallery - lobby

The Cukrarna lobby is a breathtaking open space, lit by natural light and overlooking two gallery volumes. The floating cube is clad in perforated sheet metal, which, in addition to its aesthetic character, also satisfies functional requirements, as sound insulation is hidden under it. The lobby can accommodate up to 500 standing guests, up to 220 guests at a sitting event or up to 150 guests at a banquet.

Cukrarna gallery - Conference room

Modern conference room allows lectures, conferences, presentations, etc to be held. It can accomodate from 50 to 70 guests.

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