RIPPLES A Visual Diary of Water
14. 2. 2023–4. 6. 2023

The exhibition project Ripples is based on a re-questioning of gallery settings practice whether expensive frames, large formats and high-end display equipment really make the photographs and the exhibition more meaningful. Over 15 years of activity in Jakopič Gallery we have accumulated a lot of materials, which will be up-cycled through a co-creative process. The core visual story is narrated by cutting-edge water-themed photographs from the archives of the Dutch photography agency NOOR Images.

Past exhibitions

25. 10. 2022–22. 1. 2023
The retrospective exhibition of Bojan Radovič Replica in the Jakopič Gallery emphasize the creative dimensions that most significantly characterize Radovič’s artistic path and which continue to advance new interrogations of the material, technological, formal, and theoretical postulates of the photographic medium. The exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive monograph and the observation game Marumage.
LETIZIA BATTAGLIAPhotography as a Life Choice
24. 5. 2022–2. 10. 2022
Letizia Battaglia was a nonconformist intellectual and photoreporter but also a poetic and political photographer, a woman who was interested in people, art, literature, poetry, life and death. The exhibition Photography as a Life Choice presents 300 photographs, many of which have never been exhibited before, and which reveal the social and political context in which they were shot.
MeltdownVisualizing Climate Change
18. 1. 2022–1. 5. 2022
The exhibition is a narrative of the importance of glaciers told in a scientific, illustrative and poetic way and each artist has a unique take on the subject. It shows scale from the planetary level to microscopic biological impact, and considers humanitarian suffering and more. Together, the artistic interpretations in MELTDOWN give visitors unique insights into the world’s cryosphere, its fragile ecosystem and our changing global climate.
The World According to Roger Ballen
The World According to Roger Ballen
1. 7. 2021–26. 9. 2021
Roger Ballen, one of the world’s best-known art photographers, famous for his distinctive and unique authorial expression, has returned to the Jakopič Gallery.
On the Other Side
On the Other SideSlovenian photoreportage
19. 1. 2021–19. 6. 2021
"On the Other Side" has taken an interdisciplinary approach, assessing photojournalism through the lenses of media studies, art history and photographic theory. While also giving an overview of the different kinds of photojournalism and the ways they are used in the print and electronic media, this exhibition deliberately focuses on photoreportage, the most accomplished and expressive form of photojournalism.
Vision 20/20: Community. Contemporary Indonesian Engaged Photography
Vision 20/20: Community. Contemporary Indonesian Engaged Photography
23. 10. 2020–31. 12. 2020
After being with us for more than seven months, we have now said goodbye to the incredible exhibition, which was realised in extraordinary times. The exhibition of contemporary Indonesian engaged photography, which inspired us, moved us deeply, and led us to look beyond the horizon of stereotypes is still virtually accessible – through the photographs and virtual tours.

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