Lucien Hervé: Geometry of Light
11. 6. 2019–29. 9. 2019
This exhibition of one of the great photographers of the 20th century was originally presented at the Jeu de Paume, Paris’ foremost photographic gallery. In the spirit of Lucien Hervé’s reflection that “at best, one can hope to beget a vague idea of the whole by defining an intimate detail”, the Jakopič Gallery exhibition aims to contribute towards the appreciation of the rich legacy collectively created by authors working in this medium both locally and internationally.
Jaka Babnik: Pygmalions
22. 10. 2019–26. 1. 2020
Jaka Babnik’s exhibition, Pygmalions, can be seen as an attempt to explore the relationship that invariably arises between the photograph, the photographed object and the specific language of communication, which this exhibition reveals to be a medium in itself.

Past exhibitions

photographic exhibition
DK: Scotoma
27. 3. 2019–26. 5. 2019
In his 20-year career of exhibiting, DK has always known how to surprise us with unexpected series in a wide range of different photographic genres, many of them also demonstrating social engagement. He has been working on this exhibition, Scotoma, for the last four years, always with the intention of holding it in the Jakopič Gallery. It is the first time he has devoted an entire exhibition to abstract photographs.
photographic exhibition
Over my Eyes: Stories of Iraq
4. 12. 2018–3. 3. 2019
The exhibition offers an unfamiliar perspective of Iraq through the eyes of a generation of young local photographers. The work of these photographers forms a unique and previously unseen view of Iraq and captures the fragmented picture of contemporary life across the country: from the vastness of the mountainous northern borderlands, to a multiplicity of scenes across the country, with the fading flashbacks of its recent history and the effects of the ongoing conflict.
overview photographic exhibition
Marc Riboud: Conscious Traveller. Concerned Photographer.
29. 5. 2018–14. 10. 2018
Marc Riboud (1923–2016), a French photographer with a worldwide reputation, as part of the Magnum Photos agency, spent many years working as a photojournalist, while also building his own oeuvre of auteur photography, which developed mostly on his unbelievably numerous journeys around the world. 
photographic exhibition
Mario Magajna: Photographer
20. 3. 2018–13. 5. 2018
This exhibition focuses on a selection of Magajna’s works that most clearly reveal his main motivations: his unconditional commitment to photography as a vocation and his deep desire to immortalise everything happening in Trieste and its surrounding area.
retrospective exhibition
Tihomir Pinter: The Chemistry of the Image
28. 11. 2017–4. 3. 2018
This retrospective of Tihomir Pinter’s analogue black and white photographs is the first major overview of his extensive oeuvre since the early 1960s. Pinter pursued his photography alongside his career as a chemist and pharmacist, and over the course of nearly six decades he has developed a distinctive individual style, using his own darkroom to perfect his classic photographic technique.
The 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana
Maria Bonomi: Printmaking Forever
16. 6. 2017–5. 11. 2017
The Jakopič Gallery is happy to present, within The 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts: Birth as Criterion, one of the most important representatives of Brazilian contemporary art and culture as well as an internationally renowned artist, Maria Bonomi.