The Ripples Diary

The ripples symbolize the idea of a chain or consequent reaction. It suggests that small actions or events can have far-reaching consequences that spread out. Also in our exhibition project Ripples, created in collaboration with the agency NOOR Images, we start from a small production team and ideas that may seem unrealistic, but eventually take shape through a growing network of collaborations. Through them we are looking for new ways of presenting art by reusing existing materials and in relation to the DIY concept. At the same time, we open our doors to organisations and individuals who work with water in one way or another and want to present their projects to a wider public. You are invited to read the diary of the project, in which we record the amplitudes of our ripples through the creative process. We start with the installation process, within which a creative community of individuals with different skills has been established.

© Benedicte Kurzen / NOOR Images

20 January 2023
In collaboration with Maja Modrijan from Destilator Studio, we have already made recycled paper from our old invitations, on which we will screen-print the visual image of the new exhibition Ripples.

Take a peek into Maja's studio, where she and her assistants have produced 1000 precious sheets:

Photo: Maja Modrijan / Destilator Studio

23 January 2023
The banner above Slovenska cesta inviting to the photography exhibition Bojan Radovič: Replika is made of durable material. Let's clean it up to hand it over to Maja from Destilator Studio so she can make something new and useful out of it. Maja also picked up some other materials from our gallery.

What will they be made into? It will all be clear when we open our sustainable gallery shop. Make a note for the 14th of February 2023 at 7 p.m.

25 January 2023
Interested in what we do? Honestly - you name it!

Photo: Metod Blejec

30 January 2023
Hooray! Minea and Jelena from the SITAR 1920 workshop and shop for stamps, seals and ex-librises have created special stamps for the Ripples exhibition to add a few key pieces of information to our recycled invitations created in the screenprint technique. But the king of production is definitely the seal. We'll soon reveal what we'll be doing with it ...

Foto: Minea Sončan Mihajlović, Jelena Marković / Sitar1920

2 February 2023
The production of hand-folded invitations for Ripples has come to an end. On recycled paper, produced with the help of the Destilator Studio,  the company Prima has screen-printed the essential information visitors need to know about the exhibition: Who or what? When? Where?

In the spirit of the project, which aims to be as sustainable as possible, we didnt made the classic GJ invitations. Where can you get all the information about the exhibition? No worries. That's why our online channels will be regularly updated during theproject. When you visit the gallery, don't forget your smartphone, because it will help you to explore the exhibition.

8 February 2023
What all can we entrap in the nets?

Photo: Metod Blejec

10 February 2023
We are so far along in the process that it's time for a video of the exhibition in progress.
Opening on 14 February 2023 at 7 p.m. is round the corner ...

11 February 2023
Metod Blejec, one of the three versatile artists who have been creatively, mentally and physically tackling the installation of Ripples over the past two weeks, also found time to document the entire creative process.

We would like to share a few more highlights with you, with our sincere thanks to the creative trio, which also included multipractitioners Goran Medjugorac and Ingmar Nieuwold.

12 February 2023
What do curators Stefano Carini (NOOR Images) and Dr. Mariji Skočir (Jakopič Gallery) have to tell us before the launch of the exhibition project Ripple: AVisual Diary of Water?

14 February 2023
This time, we worked on the details of the set-up until the very last detail, so that we could welcome our first visitors to the Ripples: A Diary of Water exhibition. In the morning, journalists and the Friends of the Jakopič Gallery had the opportunity to preview the exhibition with the curators, and in the evening we opened the doors wide. Visitors were intrigued by the water path, impressed by the fact that we had created the exhibition from existing materials, and enjoyed listening to the soundscapes accompanying the exhibition themes.

The exhibition was opened by the Ambassador-at-Large for Water Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Tanja Miškova and the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Ljubljana Johan Verboom. We would also like to thank the Italian Cultural Institute of Ljubljana and the Institut francais de Slovenie for their support of the Wave project, as well as the many organisations and individuals who have and will continue to wave with us through the project.

Foto: Blaž Gutman / MGML

15 February 2023
Do you still remember the banner for Bojan Radovič's exhibition that hung above Slovenska cesta? Sustainable designer Maja Modrijan, the driving force and heart of Destilator Studio, took it out of our warehouse, along with the old promotional for another exhibition, and combined it with the waste materials she has been collecting for years as part of her mission. Because you never know when you're going to need something. Right?

You are invited to the gallery to visit the Destilator pop-up shop and secure your limited edition piece, which literally has pieces of Jakopič Gallery's 15-year exhibition history sewn into it.

Photo: Maja Modrijan / Destilator Studio

14 March 2023
Have you missed us? OK, we admit we took some time off, because our batteries need to be recharged for new ventures. And this one was literally charged with youthful creative energy. In cooperation with the company TAM-TAM, students of different ages from ALUO, VIST, VSŠ Sežana and SŠOF Ljubljana and their mentors, we carried out an art-poster campaign on the theme of Water.

See below how the work went and what was produced.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! 

Višja strokovna šola Sežana 
Location of the TAM-TAM pillar: Vegova ulica - Gregorčičeva ulica
Project name: Eco-Magnet-Fishing
Photo: Metod Blejec / MGML

Srednja šola za oblikovanje in fotografijo Ljubljana
Location of the TAM-TAM pillar: Square of the French Revolution - Rimska cesta
Project name: Photogram
Photo: Metod Blejec / MGML

VIST - Faculty of Applied Sciences
Location of the TAM-TAM pillar: Rimska cesta - Slovenska cesta
Project name: Touch
Photo: VIST Archive, Metod Blejec / MGML

Academy of Fine Arts and Design - ALUO
Locations of the TAM-TAM pillars: Igriška ulica - Gregorčičeva ulica and Gregorčičeva ulica - Slovenska cesta
Project name: Spill
Photo: Metod Blejec / MGML

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