Seeing Eye Awareness
5. 9. 2018–21. 10. 2018

The exhibition "Seeing Eye Awareness" celebrates the artist as cultural clairvoyant, as someone having a third eye opened unto the secrets of society, as someone ...

Saša Spačal: Earth Link
6. 11. 2018–6. 1. 2019
Earth Link is a project designed by bio artist Saša Spačal who mainly explores the connection between people and nature, also using contemporary technology. 


This year's Match Gallery programme began in a committed fashion – with "Private", an exhibition by Siniša Labrović, the most socio-politically committed Croatian artist. For this exhibition, he, as a prisoner of his own existence, permanently inscribed the pain of isolation on his own body, always the main and indispensable part of his artistic statements due to its strong presence.

22. January 2018
Match Gallery

Casting death masks is one of the oldest sculptural portrait techniques. Immediately after the passing of an important individual, a professional sculptor created a mould of his face and cast a limited number of masks in wax or plaster.

17. October 2017
Match Gallery

A gallery has been built within the Match Gallery for "Work or Your Art", a group exhibition of an art collective deriving from the Shimbun Onna Gallery in Osaka. Visitors can thus relive the proportions of the Japanese gallery and the circumstances in which the Osaka art scenes operates in. It does not wait where and when it can express itself best, but rather accepts facts and expresses itself under the given circumstances.

13. September 2017
Match Gallery

Match Gallery

The Match Gallery, as its name tells us, is a space for fiery new ideas. It is a venue dedicated to projects from all sorts of contemporary artistic practices; performance, visual arts, audio-visual, and other. Within this smaller and extremely flexible venue in the very centre of Ljubljana we are stimulating varying reactions of culture and art in the context of urban culture, while we are also contributing to the definition of this phenomenon. Match Gallery is a laboratory of new ideas, creative formulas and inventive approaches towards quality art production.

© Metod Blejec
© Metod Blejec


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