Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia IV
11. 2. 2020–15. 3. 2020

Exhibition of contemporary artistic positions in Carinthia, selected by the Klagenfurt University Cultural Centre – the Universitätskulturzentrum UNIKUM.

Match: Mara Anjoli Vujić vs. Atej Tutta
31. 3. 2020–5. 5. 2020
Following the high-profile match in 2016, the curatorial duel continues. On this occasion, we invited Mara Anjoli Vujić, art historian, curator, producer, while also previously serving as the programme director of the international festival City of Women and the Culture Director of the ECOC Rijeka 2020, and Atej Tutta, who works as an artist, curator, and filmmaker.
Lighting Guerrilla: Five Elements
14. 5. 2020–20. 6. 2020
The fourteenth international festival Lightning Guerrilla, dedicated to art through the medium of light, is returning in the Match Gallery and to streets and squares of Ljubljana in the spring of 2020.
Passing Data
1. 7. 2020–29. 8. 2020
The exhibition will be dedicated to various approaches in creating, collecting, managing and transferring data, their fluid nature and flexible meaningfulness (both in technological and social contexts).
Tony Oursler: experimentum crucis
9. 9. 2020–25. 10. 2020
As part of the Indigo Festival, we are presenting an exhibition of Oursler's works in collaboration with Lara Pan, New York-based curator.
Leave it
10. 11. 2020–10. 1. 2021
An exhibition of archive photographs on the topic of censorship in press photography covering a wide array of themes.


The programme in 2020 will begin with the fourth exhibition in the series "Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia", linking Ljubljana with topical regional art initiatives and collectives – this time with Klagenfurt.

6. January 2020
Match Gallery

Public and gallery spaces in the city centre until the 15th of June are taken over by the Ljubljana festival of light once again.

21. May 2019
Match Gallery

This year's Match Gallery programme will begin with the third exhibition in the series, titled "Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia", which features a group of artists whose life or work has been tied to Kočevje: Tina Đenadić, Mina Fina, Nataša Gašparac, Marko Glavač, Dora Gorše, Aleš Gregorič, Pavel Gregorič, Tomaž Gregorič, Sašo Koprivec, Polonca Lovšin, Lela B. Njatin, Vito Oražem, Urška Pečnik, Kočevje Musicians' Association. 

4. January 2019
Match Gallery

Match Gallery

The Match Gallery, as its name tells us, is a space for fiery new ideas. It is a venue dedicated to projects from all sorts of contemporary artistic practices; performance, visual arts, audio-visual, and other. Within this smaller and extremely flexible venue in the very centre of Ljubljana we are stimulating varying reactions of culture and art in the context of urban culture, while we are also contributing to the definition of this phenomenon. Match Gallery is a laboratory of new ideas, creative formulas and inventive approaches towards quality art production.

© Metod Blejec
© Metod Blejec


Match Gallery

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