Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia VII: Jesenice
4. 4. 2023–7. 5. 2023

The exhibition caravan of the Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia series will this time be heading to the railway town of Jesenice and its wider surroundings. ...

Lighting Guerrilla 2023: Space
Lighting Guerrilla 2023: Space
22. 5. 2023–27. 8. 2023

The main exhibition of the 17th Lighting Guerrilla Festival will be on show at the Match Gallery until the end of August. The artists Iva Ferlinc, Beam Team, Črt Trkman and Aleš Zupanc, Sophie Guyot, Camila Mejía and Erik Wälz will adapt their works on the festival theme of Space so that their light installations will be on display here all summer long, also after the end of the festival, which requires a lot of production effort.

Dominik Mahnič
Dominik Mahnič
19. 9. 2023–5. 11. 2023

Dominik Mahnič is an academic painter, a master of video and one of the most active and lucid street art artists in Slovenia. His artistic work focuses primarily on the exploration of the mechanical dissolution of the holistic image. For the exhibition at the Vžigalica Gallery, he is designing a robotic arm that will paint artworks according to the visitors' wishes through an artificial intelligence interface.

Giovanni Morbin
Giovanni Morbin Hybrid Actions
28. 11. 2023–14. 1. 2024

At the end of November, the Match Gallery will host a retrospective exhibition of the Italian artist and performer Giovanni Morbin named Hybrid Actions. Since 1978, Morbino's artistic research has been linked to behaviour, and for him performance is the ideal tool to express ideas.


The Match Gallery continues with its fiery programme

The programme in 2021 begins with an exhibition focusing on the topics of newspaper photography archives. We will present the Romanian Minerva Archive and creatively show a historical archive as an example of good practice and a commentary through the contemporary works of various artists from Cluj and Bucharest.

5. January 2021
Match Gallery
The Match Gallery is starting 2020 with a bow to Klagenfurt

The programme in 2020 will begin with the fourth exhibition in the series "Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia", linking Ljubljana with topical regional art initiatives and collectives – this time with Klagenfurt.

6. January 2020
Match Gallery
Match Gallery and its surroundings are taken over by the Lighting Guerrilla festival

Public and gallery spaces in the city centre until the 15th of June are taken over by the Ljubljana festival of light once again.

21. May 2019
Match Gallery

Match Gallery

The Match Gallery, as its name tells us, is a space for fiery new ideas. It is a venue dedicated to projects from all sorts of contemporary artistic practices; performance, visual arts, audio-visual, and other. Within this smaller and extremely flexible venue in the very centre of Ljubljana we are stimulating varying reactions of culture and art in the context of urban culture, while we are also contributing to the definition of this phenomenon. Match Gallery is a laboratory of new ideas, creative formulas and inventive approaches towards quality art production.

Match Gallery
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