Turn Into the Wall: New mural on the museum inner facade

The new temporary mural, which adorns the facade of the inner courtyard of the City Museum of Ljubljana, creates a playful bridge between the exterior and the interior of the museum and gives a new function to the existing building elements. It was created by Krashkid, a German street artist selected through an international call for entries Turn Into The Wall. Alongside the mural on the so-called 'turn' you can see a panel exhibition of the ten best mural proposals selected by the international jury.


The international call for mural Turn Into The Wall, which took place at the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (MGML) between May and September 2023, attracted the attention of 136 artists from all over the world. The aim of the call, in which the City Museum and the Match Gallery joined forces, was to bring meaning to the museum's facade and to integrate it into the functionality of the courtyard.

The five-member jury, consisting of Jani Pirnat (chairman) and members Name:Jasper van EsJanez Polajnar and Nejc Kovačič consulted the 136 proposals submitted to the international call for proposals for a mural and announced the German street artist Krashkid from Hamburg as the winner.

The jury's reasoning is: "With a lucid proposal, he has succeeded in connecting visitors with the content and mission of the museum. At the same time, the proposal created a bridge between the exterior and the interior, giving a new function to the existing building elements. The mural is both playful and invites interaction."

And Krashkid wrote about his proposal, named Untitled: »When visiting museums I always observe the same poses in which people look at the exhibited objects. Since the wall has a visible window, I wanted to integrate it in my concept, too. The result is an artwork on which four people in these poses look at the window (and everything within it) as a work of art. I understand my proposal as a homage to the museum as a place of encounter and communication. Object, exhibitor, and viewer enter into a discourse. This can be formative, appreciative, challenging or even brief and fleeting. As versatile as the visitors of a museum are, as multilayered can be the experience of an exhibition visit.«

The diversity in approach and style is also reflected in the conceptual designs of the ten artists selected for the panel exhibition; these are AndreHZ (The Netherlands), Miha Artnak (Slovenia), CT (Italy), Vuk Ćosić (Slovenia), Bradley Downey (USA), Dalal Mitwally (Jordan), Klara Perušek (Slovenia), Oliver Pilić (Slovenia), Irena Woelle (Slovenia) and TROK ZEK (Slovenia).

We would like to thank all the authors who responded to the call - for their efforts and work, for the innovation presented!

You are invited to the opening of the mural and the exhibition on Tuesday, 24 October 2023 at 5 p.m. The audience will be addressed by the president of the international mural commission and curator Jani Pirnat and the winner of the call Krashkid. The event will also be attended by some of the authors of the ten proposals for the mural, which will be presented in the panel exhibition.

Posted: 23. 10. 2023

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