The Match Gallery is starting 2020 with a bow to Klagenfurt

The programme in 2020 will begin with the fourth exhibition in the series "Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia", linking Ljubljana with topical regional art initiatives and collectives – this time with Klagenfurt.

© Tony Oursler: Water Memory, 2019

Following the prominent match of curators executed in the Match Gallery in 2016, in April the concept is being upgraded to a match between rival artists. May and June will be, as is tradition, illuminated by the Lighting Guerrilla festival, which in 2020 focuses on five elements. In the second half of the year, we are announcing the Passing Data exhibition, dedicated to various approaches in creating, collecting, managing and transferring data, their fluid nature and flexible meaningfulness (both in technological and social contexts). In September, we are hosting Tony Oursler, a renowned US artist, whose work focuses on multimedia and spatial installations. The programme in 2020 will conclude with Leave it, an exhibition of archive photographs on the topic of censorship in press photography.

Posted: 6. 1. 2020

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