Robert Černelč: Interspaces
Overview exhibition
Robert Černelč: Interspaces
29. 2. 2024–5. 5. 2024

Academic painter and director Robert Černelč successfully, particularly analytically systematically, combines the mediums of painting, video art, and film-making in his artistic work. He expands his activities into the fields of video art, set design, and screenwriting.

FaceOrFactory: The Face of Corporate Building
Pop-up exhibition
FaceOrFactory: The Face of Corporate Building
19. 12. 2023–31. 5. 2024

The Face of Corporate Building is a research project that explores the various strategies of formulating narratives and specific rhetorical patterns crucial in creating artistic NFT platforms. 

Mladen Stropnik
Overview exhibition
Mladen Stropnik adijo pastry
23. 5. 2024–1. 9. 2024

Mladen Stropnik has been a presence in the Slovenian and international art scene since 2001. He has established himself as a conceptual artist who works at the intersection of painting, drawing, graphics, and newer intermedia art. His rich and extensive oeuvre will be comprehensively presented for the first time at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana.

Group sculptural exhibition
DIfferences Tea Curk Sorta, Tejka Pezdirc, Natalija R. Crnčec, Marko A. Kovačič, Zoran Srdič Janežič, Borut Korošec, Kristina Rutar, Boštjan Perovšek
19. 9. 2024–17. 11. 2024

The exhibition Differences will display sculptural works by contemporary Slovenian academic sculptors, who are diverse both in their artistic poetics and in the use of materials for their artistic expressions, which reflects in their artworks.

Tomaž Furlan
Overview exhibition
Tomaž Furlan
3. 12. 2024–28. 2. 2025

Tomaž Furlan is an established sculptor and intermedia artist. He has been active in the Slovenian and international art scene for over two decades. Hitherto he has not had a comprehensive presentation of his work, and thus the City Art Gallery Ljubljana will showcase his versatile artistic oeuvre for the first time in one place.



Past exhibitions

group exhibition
Co-EXISTENCEBoris Beja, Maja Smrekar, Urša Vidic, Miha Godec
1. 12. 2023–11. 2. 2024
The exhibition’s title relates to the thought of the philosopher Timothy Morton, who, in his book Dark Ecology: For a Logic of Future Coexistence, defined the ecosystem as interconnectedness and ecological thought as thinking about interconnectedness, as well as what should philosophy of ecology be in this Anthropocene era.
Jurij Kalan
Overview painting exhibition
Jurij KalanFractions
7. 9. 2023–12. 11. 2023
While this will be the first presentation of the works by the academy-trained painter Jurij Kalan at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana, it will also be his most comprehensive presentation to date. The artist represents a very high artistic level in contemporary fine art, with a very extensive oeuvre that mainly focuses on figurative art.
Meta Krese
Overview photographic exhibition
Meta KreseHave you come to stay?
18. 5. 2023–20. 8. 2023
Opening of the exhibition: May 18, 2023 at 7 p.m..The exhibition of photographer Meta Krese will be hitherto the most comprehensive presentation of her photographic series and cycles. The photographer is among the most prominent Slovenian photojournalists, who has established herself in this predominantly male profession.
Jasna Hribernik
delo v nadaljevanju
Jasna Hribernikl'avenir
7. 3. 2023–2. 5. 2023
There’s a future which is predictable, programmed, scheduled, foreseeable. But there is a future, “l’avenir” (to come), which refers to someone who comes whose arrival is totally unexpected. (Jacques Derrida)
Mitja Ficko & Marko Jakše
overview exhibition
Mitja Ficko & Marko JakšeFrom Sky to Sky
30. 11. 2022–12. 2. 2023
What and whom is it that the creative energy is connected with, why and how does it arise? The ones who create do not even concern themselves with it, great volumes indeed have already been written about it and about the art springing from it, volumes were written about artists who carry it within and turn it without.
Ranko Novak
survey exhibition
Ranko NovakThe Form of the Content. Graphic Design 1974–2022
15. 9. 2022–13. 11. 2022
This exhibition of selected design works by Ranko Novak, who originally trained as an architect, has been timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the birth of the architect Jože Plečnik and provides an insight into the work of one of the City Art Gallery’s key external collaborators. Novak has worked with the gallery both on an occasional basis and, from 1989 to 2002, as an associate, during which time he designed nearly all its visual materials and exhibition layouts.

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