group exhibition
28. 6. 2018–9. 9. 2018
Artists presented at the exhibition: Suzana Brborović, Špela Čadež, Olja Grubić, Duša Jesih, Simona Semenič & Nada Žgank, Maja Smrekar. Following last year’s group exhibition of male painters, provocatively entitled "Better Doggy Style Than No Style", staging a show featuring an all-female selection was a must this year, in part also due to last year’s polemics a propos the not yet eradicated discrimination against women in society, and therefore in art and culture.
overview exhibition
Tadej Pogačar CODE:RED
20. 9. 2018–4. 11. 2018
The exhibition is an overview of a long-term and still on-going project CODE:RED by the Slovenian artist Tadej Pogačar. He has been researching selected segments of prostitution, exploitation of workers, and sex work as a specific kind of grey economy, a world parallel to ours.
retrospective exhibition
Drago Tršar
22. 11. 2018–15. 1. 2019
Academic sculptor Drago Tršar is one of the prime sculptural and artistic authorities in our cultural space. In 2018, he will be celebrating his 90th anniversary and for this occasion, several Slovenian cultural institutions will prepare exhibitions of his works.

Past exhibitions

Retrospective exhibition
Tomislav GotovacDon't Ask Where We're Going
12. 4. 2018–17. 6. 2018
Retrospective exhibition gives an overview of the sixty-year practice of Tomislav Gotovac  a.k.a. Antonio G. Lauer (Sombor, 1937 – Zagreb, 2010), a pioneer in many different media, from experimental to structural film, from happening to actions and performances.
Group exhibition
6. 2. 2018–25. 3. 2018
Artists presented at the exhibition: Polona Demšar, Aleksandra Saška Gruden, Zoran Srdić Janežič, Anže Jurkovšek, Spiro Mason, Mojca Smerdu, Jožef Vrščaj, Tomaž Zarifa. The exhibition is a continuation of the theoretical and exhibition research of contemporary Slovenian sculpture with a varied selection of artworks from some of the most prominent Slovenian academic sculptors. 
overview exhibition
Tugo ŠušnikQuasimodo (1971 – 2017)
30. 11. 2017–21. 1. 2018
Tugo Šušnik, so it seems, could not have defined his forty-four years of artistic activity in the public eye in a more radical manner and with more self-irony than he did by means of the metaphorical title he selected for his overview exhibition, which is personified by the famous character of Quasimodo from the novel Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo.
mednarodno sodelovanje
Dušan MandićVojak D.M. Die Welt ist Schön
5. 10. 2017–2. 11. 2017
V Galeriji Podroom v Kulturnem centru Beograda se je odprla razstava Dušana Mandića z naslovom "Vojak D.M. Die Welt ist Schön", ki je bila v Mestni galeriji Ljubljana na ogled od decembra 2013 do januarja 2014. Mandić velja za prvega umetnika v slovenski umetnosti, ki je slikarstvo grafitov prenesel iz urbanega/uličnega prostora v notranji prostor.
group exhibition
Utopia / DystopiaArchitecture, City, Territory
28. 9. 2017–12. 11. 2017
Artists presented at the exhibition: Vahram Aghasyan, Ovidiu Anton, Dušica Dražić, Thibaut Espiau, Anna Friz, Anne Harild, Minna Henriksson, Kud Obrat (Stefan Doepner, Urška Jurman, Polonca Lovšin, Apolonija Šušteršič), Tanja Lažetić, Ivan Moudov, Alban Muja, Géraldine Py & Roberto Verde, Maruša Sagadin, Miha Štrukelj, Efrat Vital, Matej Andraž Vogrinčič.
Solo exhibition
Ištvan Išt HuzjanMeasures
16. 6. 2017–17. 9. 2017
Winner of the 31st edition of the Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana (2015) Ištvan Išt Huzjan presents a series of works from the past few years at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana. Some of the works have already been shown as part of various group or solo exhibitions, but this particular exhibition is laid out based on two conceptual foundations divided spatially in accordance with the gallery's physical space.