Overview exhibition

Robert Černelč: Interspaces

29. 2. 2024–5. 5. 2024

Academic painter and director Robert Černelč successfully, particularly analytically systematically, combines the mediums of painting, video art, and film-making in his artistic work. He expands his activities into the fields of video art, set design, and screenwriting.

Robert Černelč is a multimedia visual artist, drawn to movinig images that evoke the issues of contemporary reception. His works from the last few years are thus derived from the deconstruction of film. He is exploring the idea of how to reconstruct a specific cinematic moment in a painting within the suspense of anticipation that originates on the outside, a space that is not depicted in the image but implicitly present. Siegfried Kracauer noted that films know something we do not, and that there is something hidden within them that can be discovered. This perspective gives rise to the relationship between viewers and the depicted, characterised by its instability and unpredictability, which is what captivates the artist the most. Robert's recent paintings feature motifs of waiting, observing, being, and gazing—a state of halted and redirected attention that is fragmented across multiple "screens" in our post-digital era. His interest lies not in pixelation but in delving into the digital intricacies of the image, where concreteness is presented as abstract information.


Production: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana Curator: Sarival SosičArtist: Robert ČetrnelčTexts by: Sarival SosičCoordination and production: Maruša MegličTechnical realization: MGML Technical Department The project was made possible by: City of Ljubljana, Department for Culture

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