Drawings and paintings 2003–2018
Emerik BernardCloseness – Remoteness
6. 2. 2019–27. 3. 2019

A representative of Slovenian modernist and postmodernist painting, Emerik Bernard is one of the key and major visual artists. His works abound in beauty and ...

Natures 16 Videofestival
9. 4. 2019–12. 4. 2019
Traditional four-day video festival at the Bežigrad Gallery 2 and the sixteenth festival of video will present authors who have been selected through a competition.
O•zvočenje 17 Music Festival
16. 4. 2019–18. 4. 2019
As part of the annual event already present at the Bežigrad Gallery since 1977, the three-day music festival is presenting authors in electro, electroacoustic, acoustic and experimental music genres, all of which are only seldom presented to the Slovenian public.This edition of O•zvočenje will present the music group SLOWIND, SAETA and Bojan Drobež.


Bežigrajska galerija 2 is presenting the painter’s personal vision of his own imaginations and – never fully elaborated – synchronicity between Old Church Slavonic Glagolitic script engraved in stone and typical, adopted coastal dry stone walls – gromače (pl.) (From the tekst © Željko Marciuš)

18. December 2018
Bezigrad Gallery 2

From 10 to 13 April 2018, the fourteenth festival of video will present authors who have been selected through a competition: Nina Baznik, Boris Beja, Oskar Cergolj, Domen Dimovski, Gaja Golja, Andreja Kranjec, Davorin Marc, Amir Muratović, Jaša Muller, Anže Sever, Sandra Vaupotič, Miha Vipotnik.  

29. March 2018
Bezigrad Gallery 2

The overview exhibition "Paola Korošec: Spaces of Reflections" presents the artist's works from the last decade. In her works, Paola Korošec harmonises various materials and shapes into groups of objects that form a whole.

8. March 2018
Bezigrad Gallery 2

Bezigrad Gallery 2

The Bežigrad Gallery 2 was established in 2002 and is intended for personal overview and retrospective exhibitions, group thematic exhibitions, spatially-conceived exhibitions, concerts and video projections. The programme is based on historical exhibitions of predominantly less well known works of both renowned artists and younger ones making their first presentations. Since the very beginning, the Gallery has also staged jazz concerts as well as concerts of modern, minimalist and experimental music.

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