Drawings, paintings, graphics and objects 1949–2014
Bogdan BorčićGlancing Around the Atelier
22. 5. 2024–28. 6. 2024

A commemorative exhibition honouring Bogdan Borčić (1926–2014). 
One of the key painters and printmakers in Slovenia, a professor and representative of abstract and minimalist ...


Videofestival Natures 17 / The competition by 8 February 2020

Between 14 and 17 April 2020, the Bežigrad Gallery 2 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is staging the video festival Natures 17. Works entered for the competition must include images of nature, even if only individual sequences.

4. January 2020
Bezigrad Gallery 2
Museums on a Summer Night 2019 at the  Bežigrad Gallery 2

Saturday, 15 June: Opening doors for visitors
10:00 –20:00 Nika Zupančič: Side Vision, Paintings

6. June 2019
Bezigrad Gallery 2
The Image of a Letter and the Letter of an Image

Bežigrajska galerija 2 is presenting the painter’s personal vision of his own imaginations and – never fully elaborated – synchronicity between Old Church Slavonic Glagolitic script engraved in stone and typical, adopted coastal dry stone walls – gromače (pl.) (From the tekst © Željko Marciuš)

18. December 2018
Bezigrad Gallery 2

Bezigrad Gallery 2

The Bežigrad Gallery 2 was established in 2002 and is intended for personal overview and retrospective exhibitions, group thematic exhibitions, spatially-conceived exhibitions, concerts and video projections. The programme is based on historical exhibitions of predominantly less well known works of both renowned artists and younger ones making their first presentations. Since the very beginning, the Gallery has also staged jazz concerts as well as concerts of modern, minimalist and experimental music.

Bezigrad Gallery 2
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Bezigrad Gallery 2

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