Videofestival Natures 17 / The competition by 8 February 2020

Between 14 and 17 April 2020, the Bežigrad Gallery 2 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is staging the video festival Natures 17. Works entered for the competition must include images of nature, even if only individual sequences.

Pila Rusjan,  Dejan Štefančič, Enakotežje, 2014
Pila Rusjan, Dejan Štefančič, Enakotežje, 2014 © Pila Rusjan, Dejan Štefančič

The video works presented at the Festival Natures
are based on images of nature,
or else include images of nature in some of their sequences,
or are derived from things found in nature.
Also in the nature of human existence and living,
in the relations between past and present events,
and the responses to them.
The Video Festival Natures is marked
by people and their natures.

Required information:
CV – biographical data, field of work, place of residence;
Name and last name, address, telephone, mobile phone, e-mail;
Data on the video: title, duration, year of production, format AVI and MPEG for DVD,
   a short description or the main idea of the video and 3 video stills (jpg, 1 MB)

Please send your application and complete information to: video.narave@gmail.com – Re Natures or send your works on DVD to either Bežigrad Gallery 1, Dunajska 31, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, or Bežigrad Gallery 2, Vodovodna 3, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. Only works arriving by 8 February 2020 at the latest will be accepted.

Informations: T +386 (0)1 4366 957, 4364 057; M +386 (0)70 551 941

Posted: 4. 1. 2020

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