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9. 5. 2018–31. 1. 2024

How well do you know the rich history of Slovenian capital? Pile-dwellers, Emona, Middle and New Ages, the 20th and 21st centuries… what is the ...

A mysterious grave without a body
A mysterious grave without a body Two Emonan burials in Argentina Park
8. 2. 2023–14. 1. 2024

In July and August 2022, during renovation of the hot water supply system in Argentina Park, archaeological research was carried out in the area between Štefanova ulica and Puharjeva ulica. The excavations uncovered part of Roman Emona’s northern cemetery. At one time, this would have extended along the road leading to Celeia (today’s Celje).

Oton Župančič: Drawings
Oton Župančič: Drawings “Pinxi me ergo sum” / “I have painted myself, therefore I am"
30. 3. 2023–1. 10. 2023

 The exhibition presents 158 artworks from seven sketchbooks and folders with individual drawings, which could be often distinguished by the same impulses we encounter in his poetry.

Ancient walls for modern people
Ancient walls for modern people 10 years of adventures in the Archaeological Park Emona
6. 4. 2023–1. 10. 2023

The Emona Archaeological Park, with its 2000-year-old remains of the Roman colony of Emona, forms part of Ljubljana city centre. Development of the park began in the 1930s. During the most recent restoration work, 10 years ago, we decided to protect and revitalise the Emonan remains by creating an exciting programme and encouraging the public to visit. Today, where ancient walls once stood, we now create, learn and amuse ourselves.

Ivan Cankar Memorial Room
Ivan Cankar Memorial Room
27. 4. 2023–29. 10. 2023

Ivan Cankar, a Slovenian author, playwright and essayist born in 1876 in Vrhnika, spent a few years of his life in Ljubljana. Having returned from Vienna to Ljubljana, he established himself on Rožnik Hill which today forms part of the Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski hrib landscape park.

Archaeological park Emona
Archaeological park Emona
6. 5. 2023–8. 10. 2023

A special place in Ljubljana's history is reserved for Roman Emona, the traces of which have been preserved in the very centre of the city.

Welcome to a trail tracing the 2000-year-old heritage of Emona. A walk through modern Ljubljana can take you further than you think! It takes you to the time of Emona, a city brimming with life between the first century and early sixth century. 

Slovenian Women Artists 1850–1950
Painters, sculptors.
Slovenian Women Artists 1850–1950 What the girls should have known?
13. 10. 2023–25. 2. 2024

In cooperation with the Jakopič Gallery, we will organise an exhibition on Slovenian women artists in the period 1850-1950. The aim of the two-part exhibition is to present female artists in Ljubljana who presented themselves to the public during the selected period and who, despite the social conventions of the time, established themselves in the public space. The museum will focus on women painters and sculptors, while the gallery will focus on women architects, designers and photographers.

View from the other side
View from the other side Preserving our cultural heritage together
26. 10. 2023–18. 2. 2024

The exhibition is the result of the collaboration of the conservation department of MGML, ALUO, the Department of Restoration, the Restoration Centre of ZVKDS and many other external collaborators.



The five-member jury of the Open Call Turn into the Wall consulted the 136 proposals submitted to the international call for proposals for a mural and announced the German street artist Krashkid from Hamburg as the winner.

22. September 2023
City Museum of Ljubljana
Zastava 750

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18. July 2023
City Museum of Ljubljana
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17. July 2023
City Museum of Ljubljana

City Museum of Ljubljana

Since its foundation in 1935, the City Museum of Ljubljana has been housed by the Auersperg Palace. The museum conserves tens of thousands  museum treasures, among which the world's oldest wooden wheel with an axle is the most prominent. Among the museum's more noticeable projects in the last few years were the exhibitions WHEEL 5200, WATER, Emona: a City of the Empire, A New Age is Coming! Industry – Labour – Capital, and Medieval Ljubljana.

With the merger of the City Museum of Ljubljana and the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana in 2009 into the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, the city's largest cultural institution, the museum became part of the living and current museum-gallery offering. At the institution, we maintain genuine contact with our local and foreign visitors, our exhibitions and events serve to popularise collections, and we encourage dialogue between heritage, art, and the challenges of contemporary society.

City Museum of Ljubljana
Andrej Peunik/MGML


City Museum of Ljubljana

Gosposka 15
1000 Ljubljana


Information and reservations:
T: +386 1 2412 500
T: +386 1 2412 506
E- mail: info@mgml.si, prijava@mgml.si

Opening hours

Tuesday–Sunday: 10.00–18.00
Mondays, 1 January, 1 November and 25 December: Closed


Permanent exhibition Ljubljana. History. City. (basement and 2nd floor)
Solo visit: € 6 / reduced (students, over 60, unemployed, disabled): € 4
Family ticket: 14 €
Public guided tour: € 7.00; reduced: € 5.00

Plečnik: Metropolis, Place, Garden (1st floor)
Solo visit: 8,00 € / reduced: 6,00 €
Family ticket: 18,00 €
Combo ticket: exhibition and guided tour of Plečnik's House: € 12.00 / reduced: € 10.00; family: € 26.00
Public guided tour: €9.00 / reduced: €7.00; family: €20.00

Guided tours at the requested time for booked groups of up to 7 people: 55,00 €, reduced 35,00 € /group
Guided tour at the requested time for booked groups of 8 or more people: €9.00, reduced €7.00 /person

ICOM, PRESS, SMD, disabled companions, tourist URBANA, licensed tourist guide: free of charge

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