Extended call for proposals for a mural


This is an international call for proposals for a mural on the inner courtyard facade of the City Museum of Ljubljana


You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition Turn into the Wall on Tuesday, 

24 October 2023, at 5PM in the City Museum of Ljubljana, Gosposka 15.

The façade will be adorned with a new mural and the courtyard curve with an exhibition of the 10 final proposals submitted to the public call for proposals.

(22th September 2023): The Result of the Open Call

The five-member jury of the Open Call Turn into the Wall consulted the 136 proposals submitted to the international call for proposals for a mural and announced the German street artist Krashkid from Hamburg as the winner.

The jury's reasoning is: "Krashkid is a well-known German street artist of the younger generation with a fairly extensive oeuvre and a consistent style. He is also part of the artist collective Guapo Sapo, which also includes street artists Ju Mu and Isakov, with whom he has participated in numerous urban art festivals around the world in recent years. His paintings are of vibrant colors, graphic, with figures full of character, usually engaged in a dialogue with the public space. He has also convinced with a consistent style, which is evident in his portfolio. With a lucid proposal, he has succeeded in connecting visitors with the content and mission of the museum. At the same time, the proposal created a bridge between the exterior and the interior, giving a new function to the existing building elements. The mural is both playful and invites interaction."

Full Press Release is avaliable here

(15th August 2023): Change of Member of the Jury
Mag. Janez Polajnar, Senior Curator at the City Museum of Ljubljana (Museum and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana), responsible for intangible heritage, has replaced the original member of the Jury, Barbara Savenc.

(27th June 2023): Jury Decision: Extended deadline for submission of the proposals 
After reviewing the proposals submitted to the international call Turn Into The Wall for a mural on the facade of the inner courtyard of the City Museum of Ljubljana, the five-member international jury has decided to extend the call until 15 September 2023, allowing more artists to submit their proposals, while giving those who have already applied additional time to develop their ideas.

Subject of the call for proposals
Turn Into The Wall is an international call for proposals for a mural on the inner courtyard facade of the City Museum of LjubljanaTen proposals will be shortlisted from the entries submitted, and the winning solution will be temporarily implemented on the wall and/or the so called Turn in the museum atrium in September or October 2023. 
The other nine shortlisted proposals will be displayed on panels on the Turn. Only applications submitted using the application form (link) will be considered.

Theme and location of the mural
Due to urban cultural protection constraints, the inner facade ends in a wall. We want to bring meaning to the facade and integrate it into the functionality of the courtyard. We are seeking the best possible visual solution to achieve this, which could also include ideas for making the curved Turn usable for visitors.

Other relevant considerations are the view from the museum windows and the close proximity of the mirrored facade of the Mini teater just opposite. The proposed mural should also incorporate the existing elements on the museum facade: a functional window, earthquake-resistant reinforcements and a railing.

The call documentation includes a plan of the museum facade giving precise dimensions, and a blank template into which applicants should enter their designs. The completed template should then be submitted along with the application form.

Artists may select any subject of their choice for the mural, or draw inspiration from the history of Ljubljana and/or the Auersperg Palace, which houses the City Museum of Ljubljana (link).

Technical specifications:
- Overall size of the mural: 870 cm (w) x 830 cm (h); please see the linked plan of the facade for details
- The mural can combine various techniques and/or relief/spatial interventions if desired
- Attached images of the proposed project should have a resolution of between 5000px and 8000px on the long side, and be in jpg, pdf or tiff format
- The scaffolding will be provided by MGML
- Proposals should be entered into the blank template included in the call documentation below.

Wall plan layout with dimensions
Blank template

The call is open to anyone over the age of 18, of any nationality. Applicants may be natural or legal persons.

By responding to the public call, applicants agree to the publication of their name (or. artname), the title of the project and its description for the purpose of realising the mural or for the exhibition of the selected proposals. MGML undertakes to process the personal data collected solely for the purpose of communicating the results of the open call.

The shortlisted applicants will be notified by email to the contact address provided in the application form.

Applications should include the following:
- Written project proposal in Slovenian or English (maximum 2000 words) describing the concept, content, technique and estimated timeline for implementation
- A schematic representation of the project on a a blank graphic template for the mural from the open call documentation (pdf/jpg/tiff format). You can add several additional pictorial and descriptive explanations to the graphic solution, but in this case please compress all the files of your graphic proposal in one .zip file.
- Short CV of the artist, including past experience of mural-painting supported by pictorial material (photo or video) or a web link to at least three similar projects and a full CV of the artist or artistic collective in Slovenian or English (in one pdf/word document or compress more documents in a .zip file)

International jury
The proposals submitted to the call will be evaluated by an international panel composed of:
Name:, artist specialising in graffiti and urban interventions
Jasper van Es, curator specialising in graffiti and urban interventions (Netherlands)
Barbara Savenc, curator at the City Museum of Ljubljana (MGML), Curatorial Department for Contemporary 20th and 21st Century Art
Jani Pirnat, curator at the Match Gallery (MGML)
Nejc Kovačič, Head of MGML Communications Department

Financial arrangements and timetable
The creator of the winning proposal will receive a fee of EUR 2,200.00 (gross) for the implementation of the mural and will be reimbursed the costs of materials and technical implementation up to a maximum of EUR 2,550.00 (gross). If the winning artist is not resident in Ljubljana, MGML will cover their travel costs to Ljubljana plus accommodation costs while the mural is being created.

Closing date for submissions: 15 September 2023
Results announced: 22 September 2023
Mural creation (approx.): September–October 2023
Public presentation: Late October 2023

Submission method:

The application deadline has expired. Submitting proposals for the mural is no longer possible.

Additional information
For any further information, please email info@mgml.si, putting “Mural 2023” in the subject line.

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