Current Tobacco 001 Cultural Centre
Jasmina Cibic Spielraum
8. 2. 2019–1. 3. 2019
London-based Slovenian artist Jasmina Cibic is being presented to Ljubljana’s audience with a segment of a tripartite exhibition and film project entitled ‘Spielraum’ that draws on an essay by the Austrian writer, translator and satirist Karl Kraus.
Current City Museum of Ljubljana
The most stunning artifact recovered beneath Gosposvetska Street.
The transparent blue glass bowl Its Greek inscription reads: "Drink to live forever, for many years!"
7. 2. 2019–31. 3. 2019
The transparent blue glass bowl found next to the woman’s body. The 1,700-year old vessel is decorated on the outside with grapes, and vine leafs and tendrils. A Greek inscription on the inside of the bowl instructs the owner to “Drink to live forever, for many years!” 
Current Bezigrad Gallery 2
Drawings and paintings 2003–2018
Emerik Bernard Closeness – Remoteness
6. 2. 2019–27. 3. 2019
A representative of Slovenian modernist and postmodernist painting, Emerik Bernard is one of the key and major visual artists. His works abound in beauty and harmony, symbolic content and autonomous shape. A selection from the recent period will be featured in the exhibition.
Current Match Gallery
Dorotea Škrabo: Which Came First? TAM-TAM’s Street Gallery
5. 2. 2019–25. 2. 2019
At the last, seventh exhibition of the "Takle mamo … / So it has come to this…" cycle Dorotea Škrabo is presenting the "Which Came First?" triptych. The artist is interested in the phenomenon of the image in the internet era, exploring the relations between new media, popular culture and art especially as it relates to the limits of social networks.
Current Plečnik House
Plečnik's National and University Library
1. 2. 2019–5. 5. 2019
On 29 January 1944, an airplane crashed into the National and University Library (NUK) in Ljubljana, and badly damaged Plečnik’s just completed "pride of Ljubljana". The 75th anniversary of this disastrous event is commemorated at the Plečnik House with an exhibition, made in collaboration with the National and University Library.
Current City Art Gallery of Ljubljana
Survey exhibition of engaged comics
Iztok Sitar Under the Red Star
30. 1. 2019–24. 3. 2019
Reality knows no tranquility. A work of art either moves toward presenting reality or away from it in order to forge its own parallel reality: like any visual work of art, the comic lies within these principles of presenting any reality.
Current Bezigrad Gallery 1
Photographs 2018
Boris Gaberščik The Fruits of a Lengthy Experience
23. 1. 2019–28. 2. 2019
Presentation of most recent works by Boris Gaberščik, a photographer committed to the tradition of photography. Using completely analogue black-and-white photography to portray the world of everyday objects and inanimate nature, he nevertheless applies innovative creative approaches. He created these photographs specifically for this exhibition called The Fruit of a Long Experience in Bežigrad Gallery 1. 
Current Match Gallery
Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia III
15. 1. 2019–3. 3. 2019
The exhibition features a group of artists whose life or work has been tied to Kočevje: Tina Đenadić, Mina Fina, Nataša Gašparac, Marko Glavač, Dora Gorše, Aleš Gregorič, Pavel Gregorič, Tomaž Gregorič, Sašo Koprivec, Polonca Lovšin, Lela B. Njatin, Vito Oražem, Urška Pečnik, Kočevje Musicians' Association.
Current Jakopič Gallery
photographic exhibition
Over my Eyes: Stories of Iraq
4. 12. 2018–3. 3. 2019
The exhibition offers an unfamiliar perspective of Iraq through the eyes of a generation of young local photographers. The work of these photographers forms a unique and previously unseen view of Iraq and captures the fragmented picture of contemporary life across the country: from the vastness of the mountainous northern borderlands, to a multiplicity of scenes across the country, with the fading flashbacks of its recent history and the effects of the ongoing conflict.
Current City Museum of Ljubljana
Was Elza Kastl Obereigner the first Slovenian female sculptor?
Elza Kastl Obereigner (1884–1973), a sculptor and painter
11. 10. 2018–10. 3. 2019
Elza Kastl Obereigner was once known as "slovenian last miniaturist". Now we are presenting her oeuvre in sculpture.
Current City Museum of Ljubljana
Cankar’s Year
Ivan Cankar
19. 6. 2018–7. 4. 2019
2018 = Cankar’s Year = commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the death of our greatest writer, and his rich body of work. The central exhibition project of the jubilee are two simultaneous exhibitions dedicated to Cankar, one at the Cankarjev dom (until 28. 2. 2019) and the other at the City Museum of Ljubljana.
Current City Museum of Ljubljana
Find your own favourite period in Ljubljana’s history!
Ljubljana. History. City.
Permanent exhibition
How well do you know the rich history of Slovenian capital? Pile-dwellers, Emona, Middle and New Ages, the 20th and 21st centuries… what is the history of Ljubljana? Get to know Ljubljana's past - see the chronological presentation of Ljubljana’s millennia of heritage with precious authentic artefacts, like the world's oldest wooden wheel with an axle!
Current City Museum of Ljubljana
Tobacco Museum
Permanent exhibition
The Tobacco Museum – a collection of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana and Tobačna Ljubljana – emerged 20 years ago from close co-operation between the tobacco factory and the City Museum of Ljubljana.
Current City Museum of Ljubljana
Oton Župančič Memorial Collection
Permanent exhibition
The atmosphere of Župančič's rooms, his artistic work, and the objects accompanying him tell a story of both the artist and his time. Župančič’s literary oeuvre, in whose framework his last collection of poems Zimzelen pod snegom (The Evergreen beneath the Snow, 1945) is specially emphasised, encourages visitors to read the artist’s poems.
Current Plečnik House
a pearl of Slovenian cultural heritage of 20th century
Plečnik House with a permanent 'Plečnik' exhibition
Permanent exhibition
“A tower, a mule, me and the garden” – that is how Jože Plečnik imagined his life when he didn’t know yet that after Vienna and Prague his native Ljubljana would be his lifetime’s environment for his creative work.
Upcoming Match Gallery
Boštjan Čadež - Fšk: Line Rider
12. 3. 2019–5. 5. 2019
The exhibition presents the story of the online flash game Line Rider, with which Boštjan Čadež - Fšk created a global phenomenon, which has inspired numerous programmers and artists.
Upcoming Tobacco 001 Cultural Centre
Nika Autor
15. 3. 2019–19. 4. 2019
The works of Nika Autor, a graduate of Ljubljana’s Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the Academy in Vienna, where she also completed her doctoral degree, formally encompass the fields of film and film theory, video, photography, graphics and painting. The artist is known for her dealing with socially engaged themes and interweaving images from archives and the present.
Upcoming Bezigrad Gallery 1
Katarina Toman Kracina Big picture
20. 3. 2019–2. 5. 2019
The first overview exhibition of Katarina Toman Kracina’s work focuses on the painter's small and large-scale paintings on canvas, and her objects. Characterising her works are complex connections with the creation of a full spatial design. The artist's works preserve memories of individual events and fulfilled wishes.
Upcoming Jakopič Gallery
DK: Scotoma
27. 3. 2019–26. 5. 2019
DK is presenting several series that are related in their topic and have been made in the past four years. The works to be debuted are something of a break with the photographer's oeuvre so far.
Upcoming City Art Gallery of Ljubljana
Overview exhibition
Marjan Gumilar CUTS
4. 4. 2019–2. 6. 2019
Marjan Gumilar, a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana, is a painter, sensitive colourist drawing on modernist abstraction of abstract expressionism. In his painting practice moving in the constant interaction between emotion and ratio, he has been exploring the autonomy of colour and its laws within a wide spectrum of thematizations and reflections of immediate reality, ranging from nature to a physical painting, an object.
Upcoming Bezigrad Gallery 2
Natures 16 Videofestival
9. 4. 2019–12. 4. 2019
Traditional four-day video festival at the Bežigrad Gallery 2 and the sixteenth festival of video will present authors who have been selected through a competition.
Upcoming Bezigrad Gallery 2
O•zvočenje 17 Music Festival
16. 4. 2019–18. 4. 2019
As part of the annual event already present at the Bežigrad Gallery since 1977, the three-day music festival is presenting authors in electro, electroacoustic, acoustic and experimental music genres, all of which are only seldom presented to the Slovenian public.This edition of O•zvočenje will present the music group SLOWIND, SAETA and Bojan Drobež.
Upcoming Tobacco 001 Cultural Centre
Dejan Kaludjerović
24. 4. 2019–7. 6. 2019
Born in Belgrade, Dejan Kaludjerović completed his undergraduate studies at the Academy in Vienna, where he lives and works, and his postgraduate studies at the Academy in Belgrade. From the start of his artistic career at the beginning of this millennium, Kaludjerović has been exploring the conjunction between consumerism and childhood with a view to analysing how the identity and stability of representative forms are established.