Solo exhibitions
Nikita Kadan, Anna Zvygintseva
5. 6. 2018–29. 6. 2018

With a keen sense for drawing and for use of materials, Anna Zvyagintseva captures traces of daily life, encounters, coincidences or autobiographical facts in her ...

Artist from Israel
26. 7. 2018–31. 8. 2018
As our cooperation with the Israeli Center for Digital Art Holon proved to be successful – the CC Tobačna 001 has already hosted Efrat Vital, Avi Pitchon, Lee Nevo, Luciana Kaplun, Hili Greenfeld and Moran Victoria Sabbag –the artist-in-residency programme continues in 2018 too.
Solo exhibition
Nika Autor
13. 9. 2018–12. 10. 2018
Nika Autor's works, a graduate of Ljubljana's Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where she also finished her doctorate degree, reach into the fields of film and film theory, video, photography, graphic arts, and painting. The artist is known for her socially charged works, and interweaving archival images with the present.  
Solo exhibition
Fokus Grupa
30. 10. 2018–7. 12. 2018
The Croatian artist collective Fokus Grupa (est. 2012) uses texts, objects, and images in their work, which they combine in installations and interventions. Through them, they focus on researching contemporary art and their public manifestations, especially regarding power relations as well as the wider economic and social context.


With a keen sense for drawing and for use of materials, Anna Zvyagintseva captures traces of daily life, encounters, coincidences or autobiographical facts in her sculptures, drawings and film works. Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan uses his artworks to compel us to think about the manipulations of history that occur in modern political and historical discourses.  

16. April 2018
Tobacco 001 Cultural Centre

The CC Tobačna 001 is entering the new year with the exhibition project "Adagio for Space", by the Israeli artist Moran Victoria Sabbag. The gallery’s programme will continue with solo art projects. During the first six months of the year, we will present the Bulgarian artist Kamen Stoyanov. His work focuses on the questions of identity, migration, historical definitions and on topical issues regarding social and cultural development. After him will be Slovenian artist Boris Beja, who uses art mediums to create connections among various contents, with a strong emphasis on social criticism.

22. December 2017
Tobacco 001 Cultural Centre

“The artist Moran Victoria Sabbag, who arrived to the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (MGML) residency centre from the Israeli Center for Digital Art Holon, presented us with the interesting audio-visual project Adagio for Space, at the end of her residency. “Adagio is a musical term for playing slowly, at ease. By ‘dressing’ up the Tobačna gallery building in a white and thermosensitive foil, I wanted to emphasise the dimension of tranquillity; the white colour soothing the mind. I also wanted to indicate the feeling of claustrophobia, a cage, represented in the field of classical music by the stage. I wanted to break the traditional organisation of the audience and the orchestra”, the artist explained. 

11. December 2017
Tobacco 001 Cultural Centre

Tobacco 001 Cultural Centre

Tobacco 001 is a new cultural centre that includes an art gallery, a museum collection and an apartment intended for artists in residence. It is the first historical building within Ljubljana’s old Tobacco Factory premises to be renewed. It was opened on 19 March 2011. It is the city’s new focal point for visual and cultural activities situated in a quarter that is increasingly becoming a prime ambient for contemporary multicultural attributes.

© Matevž Paternoster/MGML
© Matevž Paternoster/MGML


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