Viktor Bernik
2. 4. 2020–22. 5. 2020

Relating to the specific spatial features of the Tobacco Gallery, Bernik’s exhibition will investigate intersections between art and everyday life in the artist’s characteristic style ...

Siniša Ilić
29. 5. 2020–31. 7. 2020

Siniša Ilić (1977, Belgrade) is a visual artist whose creative practice incorporates drawing, painting, installation, video, books, and performance. In his work, Ilić investigates social phenomena and explores various forms of social violence. He is a co-founder and member of the art and theory platform TkH (Theory of Walking), which was established at the end of 2000 in Belgrade by a group of theoreticians and artists.

Arjan Pregl
24. 9. 2020–6. 11. 2020

Arjan Pregl is a representative of the generation of Slovenian painters born in the first half of the 1970s, who began to be active in the Slovenian art milieu after graduating in the late 1990s. Pregl graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1998 under the mentorship of Metka Krašovec and Bojan Gorenc, and continued his education by enrolling in two postgraduate studies – painting (2001, under the supervision of Bojan Gorenc) and graphic design (2004, under the supervision of Lojze Logar).

Maja Smrekar
26. 11. 2020–4. 1. 2021

Maja Smrekar (1976) graduated from sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, where she also completed her Master’s degree at the Department of Video and New Media. In her work, she thematizes radical social changes caused by using new technologies. In the Tobacco Gallery, she will present her latest project, in which she will address the question of what artificial intelligence can learn from dogs.


As lots of axolotls spend most of their lives as model organisms in scientific laboratories, the axolotls that were hatched at Sarah's aquarium are descendants from axolotls that had been lucky to leave the scientific laboratories. As they have been reproducing very successfully Sarah has now quite a few baby axolotls and she would be glad to give some of them for adoption.

9. January 2020
Tobačna 001 Cultural Centre

Contemporary Lynx has picked five of Ukraine’s top artists, who are known for communicating directly with audiences using the international language of Art, and revealing Society’s state; it’s essence. The artist Anna Zvyagintseva who presented her work at the  "Exercises in the dust" exhibition at the Tobačna Gallery in 2018 raises topics that are difficult to grasp in the daily flow of life ...

20. November 2019
Tobačna 001 Cultural Centre

The current project presents the Macedonian tandem composed of Hristina Ivanoska and Yane Calovski. The artists express themselves through performance as well as conceptual and participatory art with a view to preserving and recreating history. Energetic and dynamic, their works open opportunities for new ideas and further interactions.

15. October 2019
Tobačna 001 Cultural Centre

Tobačna 001 Cultural Centre

Tobacco 001 is a new cultural centre that includes an art gallery, a museum collection and an apartment intended for artists in residence. It is the first historical building within Ljubljana’s old Tobacco Factory premises to be renewed. It was opened on 19 March 2011. It is the city’s new focal point for visual and cultural activities situated in a quarter that is increasingly becoming a prime ambient for contemporary multicultural attributes.

© Matevž Paternoster/MGML
© Matevž Paternoster/MGML


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