You can adopt an axolotl

As lots of axolotls spend most of their lives as model organisms in scientific laboratories, the axolotls that were hatched at Sarah's aquarium are descendants from axolotls that had been lucky to leave the scientific laboratories. As they have been reproducing very successfully Sarah has now quite a few baby axolotls and she would be glad to give some of them for adoption.


Axolotls live their whole lives in fresh (de-chlorinated) water, and need a tank with at least 10 gallons (38L) per axolotl, with a gentle water filter (no fast flowing water), a bare or fine sand bottom (no gravel), and places to hide from the light, like in flower pots and water plants. Axolotls are curious and will try to eat other creatures like fish and snails living in their tanks, so no tank-mates other than other axolotls are possible! These 1-year old ‘wild-type’ babies are trained to eat axolotl pellets, but love to be hand-fed fresh earthworms and should be fed every 2 days.

If you would like to adopt an axolotl, please send us an email to kc.tobacna001@mgml.si by Sunday, 12 January. 

Posted: 9. 1. 2020

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