Contemporary Lynx presenting Anna Zvyagintseva

Contemporary Lynx has picked five of Ukraine’s top artists, who are known for communicating directly with audiences using the international language of Art, and revealing Society’s state; it’s essence. The artist Anna Zvyagintseva who presented her work at the  "Exercises in the dust" exhibition at the Tobačna Gallery in 2018 raises topics that are difficult to grasp in the daily flow of life ...

Anna Zvyagintseva
Anna Zvyagintseva

In her work, Anna strips back reality, leaving and demonstrating only the main theme of her art: Exploring corporeality, daily meetings and touches, all intertwined with autobiographical events. Anna’s work stresses the intimacy of these events. Zvyagintseva’s works are characterized by intertextuality. By decomposing and juggling quotes from movies, literature, and even daily conversations, the artist creates a new meaning for “things from life” by transforming them into “exposed objects”. It is worth mentioning that the audience is the subject of Zvyagintseva’s works, and so the audience become the object – and in a way, a part of the installation itself, due to this in-built metadiscursiveness.

Posted: 20. 11. 2019

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