The "DK: Scotoma" exhibition is accompanied by a publication containing over 100 photographs and two texts written by the curator of the exhibition Marija Skočir and the philosopher Marina Gržinić.

The "Marc Riboud: Conscious Traveller. Concerned Photographer." exhibition is accompanied by a guide with twenty of Riboud’s photographs.

"Tihomir Pinter: The Chemistry of the Image" exhibition is accompanied by a book that includes an in-depth art-historical study of both the extent and the significance of Pinter’s oeuvre, as ...

Accompanying "Damjan Gale: The Architect of Light" exhibition is the first overview monograph about Gale’s work, containing over 180 black-and-white and colour photographs. 

"Memory of Earth" is a retrospective exhibition by Tone Lapajne, an important Slovenian artist with an impressive oeuvre, but who has yet to get his due. 

The "Sebastião Salgado: Genesis" exhibition is accompanied by a guide that takes readers through 12 selected Salgado's photographs. 

The "Josef Koudelka: Sledi / Vestiges 1991–2012" exhibition is accompanied by a publication with twenty reproductions of Koudelka’s photographs. Josef Koudelka is one of the world’s most acknowledged masters of ...

The retrospective exhibition "Jože Ciuha: The Labyrinth of Time" is accompanied by an extensive and comprehensive catalogue containing reproductions of over 200 works.  

The "Jože Suhadolnik: ALBUM, Neue Slowenische Kunst" exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with 59 reproductions of Suhadolnik’s photographs.  

Catalogue accompanying the "The Body in Play" exhibition by Tone Stojko. Gesture and abstraction – two dimensions typical of painting – are introduced into photography by the master of photography ...