Sebastião Salgado: Genesis

The "Sebastião Salgado: Genesis" exhibition is accompanied by a guide that takes readers through 12 selected Salgado's photographs. 

In "Genesis" Salgado has chosen to move his main interest away from people and focus on the pristine beauty of the earth and those living in harmony with it. During his travels across the globe between 2004 and 2011, he documented arctic and desert landscapes, tropical rainforests, marine and other wildlife, and communities still living according to ancestral traditions. Through these photographs, Salgado pays homage to the fragile planet he believes we must all protect.

Price: 8 €

Published by: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Jakopič Gallery
Released: May 2016
Artist: Sebastião Salgado
Texts by: Blaž Peršin, Marija Skočir
Photographs by: Sebastião Salgado / Amazonas Images
Graphic design: Bojan Lazarevič (Agora Proars)
English translations: Marjana Karer
Slovenian language editing: Katja Paladin
English language editing: Murray Bales
Print: R-tisk, Ljubljana
Printed on the environmental friendly woodfree, acid-free, ECF, PEFC and FSC certified papers: GardaPat 13 BIANKA, 150 g/m2 and Fedrigoni Tintoretto Ceylon, 250 g/m2. Printed with vegetable-based inks.
No. of copies printed: 800
No. of pages: 65

Sebastião Salgado: Genesis

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