Jakopič Gallery

Having opened its door as the Rihard Jakopič Fine Art Gallery in mid-1970’s, the Jakopič Gallery is a unique exhibition space reaching far back in time: when viewing top contemporary works of art, the visitor is also met with ancient remnants from the past. In the gallery where two thousand years ago there was a Roman basilica, the central building of the Roman Emona, heritage and present-day creativity in dialogue give rise to new inspiration.

A decade has now passed since the Jakopič Gallery became one of the central galleries of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana public institute. Over the years, we have presented a diversity of projects from fields of fine art, design, photography, architecture, etc., whereas the space also offers excellent possibilities to stage projects from fields of performative and multimedia arts.

© Matevž Paternoster/MGML

© Andrej Peunik/MGML

The Jakopič Gallery has since turned into a major venue to stage extensive exhibitions of works by photographers of global renown (Roger Ballen, Lee Miller, Josef Koudelka and other Magnum photographers, Sebastião Salgado), and comprehensive exhibitions of works by prominent Slovenian photographers (Marko Modic, Damjan Gale, Tihomir Pinter, etc.) featuring exhaustive, often life spanning oeuvres that had not previously received integral expert treatment. During this time, our vision has been developing based on our desire to contribute to a wider social understanding of photography as one of the most expressive artistic, communicative and creative visual media. This has resulted in focusing the gallery’s exhibition and education programmes on photography exclusively.

This year’s programme will thus feature another three photography exhibitions: the retrospective exhibition "Photographer" featuring works by Mario Magajna, a photojournalist from the Slovenian minority in Trieste, a great master, devoted Slovenian and a world-class man of dialogue; an exhaustive exhibition of works by Marc Riboud, a French photographer of global prominence; and the exhibition "Over my Eyes: Stories of Iraq" which presents through the eyes of the younger generation of Iraqi photographers the seldom captured fragments of the reality of their everyday life.