Up Close: Photography as a Way of Seeing

"At a time when any excuse will do for taking pictures and circulating them, it is important to offer young people an education for the eye. To get them to think of the world in images, to become conscious observers." (Raymond Depardon)

In recent years, the vision of the Jakopič Gallery has been evolving alongside our desire to contribute to a wider social understanding of photography as one of the most expressive media in fields of art, communication and creativity. This has resulted in focusing the gallery’s exhibition and education programmes on photography exclusively. The Jakopič Gallery has thus become a key venue for extensive exhibitions showcasing the best Slovenian and international photographers.

Because photography is not only about being in the right place at the right time. It is a way of seeing the world!

© Una Rebić

© Metod Blejec

Based on considerations of the necessity for both the contemporary viewer and creator of the photographic image to be visually literate, we have developed a year-round informal education programme. It is intended for people whose view of the world contains the concept of photography, to help them as sensitive individuals face from up close the mission implemented through this medium. It introduces approaches to taking photographs and disseminating their message that are based on training the photographer's eye and personality rather than technically perfect equipment and skill.
A small group of participants will be taken through the course of five two-day workshops by a competent expert team. In a dynamic dialogue between theory and practice, they will be exploring interesting topics, guiding the participants to use their individual original expressions, and encouraging them to think critically about diverse genres in narrative photography and art, and about presenting their photographic work. What the participants are offered by the programme is knowledge as well as creative growth and encounters with guests, specialised photographers of international renown and even global fame.

Workshop dates and contents in the 2019/20 photographic study group:

  • 4.–5. 10. 2019: Thinking Eye: The necessity of visual literacy in the 21st century
  • 29.–30. 11. 2019: Transformations of Photography: The social critic in art photography
  • Workshops in 2020 are canceled.

© Una Rebić

© Metod Blejec

Expert team: Marija Skočir, photography curator; Matevž Paternoster, photographer; Saša Kralj, photojournalist and lecturer; Metod Blejec, photographer and artist; Janja Rebolj, museum adult trainer
Workshop dates and locations: Friday (6 pm–9 pm) and Saturday (9 am–1 pm and 2.30 pm–6 pm); Jakopič Gallery and other locations; in the open air and in studios

Price for the entire programme: 400 €/person (one installment), 420 €/person (two installments, 2 x 210 €)
The fee comprises the year-round programme of workshops with renowned Slovenian and foreign photographers, support and consultations with members of the expert team during workshops and by arrangement also on-line in periods between workshops, all the required materials, assistance in providing photographic equipment.
Price of a single workshop: 95 €/person

In case of international participants, the programme will be held in English.

Additional information and booking: prijava@mgml.si

Up Close: Photography as a Way of Seeing, 2017/18 photographic study group
Up Close: Photography as a Way of Seeing, 2018/19 photographic study group

© Saša Kralj

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