On the Other Side. Volume 4: The Everyday

The papers in the fourth volume of the "On the Other Side" publication shed light on Slovene photojournalism through the theme of the everyday.

Polona Sitar in her paper sheds light on the transformation of the role of women through the development of the depiction of the female figure from Socialism to today, and how through it mythologies, ideologies and power imbalances are created, whereby the sexualisation of the female image is always the main means of achieving this goal. Through women as readers, ideology has access to the most sensitive core of our society – children. Motherhood is the institution that Alenka Švab discusses in her article. Tanja Petrović shows that the army as a rule has always fallen into the domain of the non-everyday, separate, but conscription into the Yugoslav People’s Army often deeply cut into the youth of both boys and their girlfriends. And if spaces and territories belonging to the army are more or less invisible to the public, this is definitely not the case (or at least was not the case) regarding readers’ homes. Ilija Tomanić Trivundža concludes the theme of "The Everyday" by showing that the entry of a media entity into the everyday life of readers is not only a result of its publication, but also a part of its production. The epilogue on Slovenian photoreportage brings us to the moment of its present reality, which Lenart J. Kučić sums up as a photojournalistic profession decisively and ruthlessly affected by the power relations in contemporary media.

Authors of texts: Julija Hoda, Lenart J. Kučić, Dr  Tanja Petrović, Dr Polona Sitar, Marija Skočir, Dr Alenka Švab, Dr Ilija Tomanić Trivundža

Price: 15 €

Published by: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Jakopič Gallery in cooperation with the Social Communication Research Centre (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences), Membrana Institute - Journal of Photography
Released: May 2021
Authors of the project and editorial board: Dr Jan Babnik (Membrana), Marija Skočir (MGML), Dr Ilija Tomanić Trivundža (FDV)
Expert advisers: Julija Hoda (MGML), Nika Perne
Editors: Julija Hoda, Marija Skočir
Reviewers: Dr Alenka Jelen (University of Stirling), Dr Irena Reifová (Charles University, Prague)
Graphic design: Bojan Lazarevič (Agora Proars)
Layout: Marjan Božič
Reproductions of photographic material and photographs of the exhibition: Matevž Paternoster
English translation: Lukas Debeljak, Polona Mesec, Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi, Maja Visenjak Limon, Jaka Andrej Vojevec
Slovenian language editing: Tea Finžgar, Katja Paladin
English language editing: Andrew Tomlin, Erica Johnson Debeljak
Printed by:  R-tisk
No. of copies printed: 300
No. of pages: 136


On the Other Side. Volume 4: The Everyday

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