On the Other Side. Volume 1: Indtroduction

The Introduction can be accompanied by a note that this first part of the publication "On the Other Side" represents the minimum of what the Slovenian photojournalism needs in terms of defining the concepts, reviewing its processes, highlighting key moments in its development over the last century, and drawing attention to the challenges that have always confronted photojournalists and editors. 

The final two essays in this volume open up a broader reflective framework, approaching the subject from the perspectives of heritage, copyright law and aesthetics, each of which has its own set of decision-makers, conventions, clients and publics.

Authors of texts: Dr Jan Babnik, MSc Urša Chitrakar / LL. M., Lenart J. Kučić, Nika Perne, Dr Mojca Puncer, Marija Skočir, Dr Ilija Tomanić Trivundža

Price: 15 €

Published by: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Jakopič Gallery in cooperation with the Social Communication Research Centre (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences), Membrana Institute - Journal of Photography
Released: February 2021
Authors of the project and editorial board: dr. Jan Babnik (Membrana), Marija Skočir (MGML), dr. Ilija Tomanić Trivundža (FDV)
Expert advisers: Julija Hoda (MGML), Nika Perne
Editors: Julija Hoda, Marija Skočir
Reviewers: dr. Zlatan Krajina (University of Zagreb), dr. Mitja Velikonja (University of Ljubljana)  
Graphic design: Bojan Lazarevič (Agora Proars)
Layout: Marjan Božič
Reproductions of photographic material and photographs of the exhibition: Matevž Paternoster
English translation: Lukas Debeljak, Marjana Karer, Polona Mesec, Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi, Maja Visenjak Limon, Jaka Andrej Vojevec
Slovenian language editing: Katja Paladin
English language editing: Erika Johnson Debeljak, Paula Kirby, Terry Troy Jackson
Printed by:  R-tisk
No. of copies printed: 300
No. of pages: 232

On the Other Side. Volume 1: Indtroduction

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