Tihomir Pinter: The Chemistry of the Image

"Tihomir Pinter: The Chemistry of the Image" exhibition is accompanied by a book that includes an in-depth art-historical study of both the extent and the significance of Pinter’s oeuvre, as well as comprehensive documentation, and just under 150 reproductions of black and white photographs created in Pinter’s darkroom.

Price: 32 €

Published by: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Jakopič Gallery
Released: November 2017
Photographer: Tihomir Pinter
Editors: Barbara Savenc, Marija Skočir
Catalogue texts: Barbara Savenc, Marija Skočir
Documentation: Tihomir Pinter, Dr Primož Lampič (MAO), Julija Hoda, Petra Radoja
Graphic design: Bojan Lazarevič (Agora Proars)
Photo reproduction and preparation: Matevž Paternoster, Tina Dacar
Layout: Marjan Božič
English translations: Marjana Karer
Slovenian language editing: Katja Paladin
English language editing: Paula Kirby
Print: Gorenjski tisk storitve, Kranj
Printed on: GardaPat 13 KIARA, 150 g/m2, Europapier Alpe, d.o.o., Ljubljana
No. of copies printed: 300
No. of pages: 248

Tihomir Pinter: The Chemistry of the Image

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