Jaka Babnik: Pygmalion

The "Jaka Babnik: Pygmalion" exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue containing 33 photographs and texts written by Jaka Babnik, Dr George Baker, Dr Sami Khatib, Tevž Logar and Dr Katja Praznik.

Price: 32 €

Published by: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Jakopič Gallery
Released: October 2019
Photographer: Jaka Babnik
Editors: Tevž Logar, Julija Hoda
Catalogue texts: Jaka Babnik, dr. George Baker, dr. Sami Khatib, Tevž Logar, dr. Katja Praznik
Graphic design: Bojan Lazarevič (Agora Proars)
Layout: Marjan Božič
English translations: Marjana Karer, Polonca Mesec
Slovenian language editing: Katja Paladin
English language editing: Paula Kirby, Derek Snyder, Terry T. Jackson
Print: R-tisk
Printed on: Tatami White 150 g/mm
No. of copies printed: 300
No. of pages: 159

Jaka Babnik: Pygmalion

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