The Match Gallery continues with its fiery programme

The programme in 2021 begins with an exhibition focusing on the topics of newspaper photography archives. We will present the Romanian Minerva Archive and creatively show a historical archive as an example of good practice and a commentary through the contemporary works of various artists from Cluj and Bucharest.

© Yoshinori Niwa
© Yoshinori Niwa

May and June will be, as is tradition, illuminated by the "Lighting Guerrilla" festival. This will be followed by an overview of art projects in the public spaces by Name:, a multimedia and street artist of the younger generation. In September, we are hosting Yoshinori Niwa, a renowned Japanese artist. For the Match Gallery he will prepare an overview exhibition of his works, which he will upgrade with a site specific installation. The programme in 2021 will conclude with the fifth exhibition in the series "Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia", linking Ljubljana with current regional art initiatives and groups – this time the Izola-based art collective Stran 22.

Posted: 5. 1. 2021

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