City Art Gallery Ljubljana presents the 2023 programme

The City Art Gallery Ljubljana concludes 2022 with the exhibition of Mitja Ficko and Marko Jakše, which will remain on display until February 2023. An intermedia overview exhibition of Jasna Hribernik is opening in March, followed by a photographic exhibition by Meta Krese in May. Academic painter Jurij Kalan will receive its first presentation at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana in the autumn of next year, while 2023 will conclude with an intermedia group show, which will present works by Miha Godec, Urša Vidic, Maja Smrekar, and Boris Beja.

Jasna Hribernik, L'avenir
Jasna Hribernik, L'avenir

Work in progress
2. 3.-2. 5. 2023

Jasna Hribernik is a film director and one of the more important Slovenian intermedia authors. She works in art video, documentary film, video/light installations, objects, and spatial interventions. For several decades she has been successfully operating both in Slovenia and internationally. Her independent exhibition will subject her newest works to a dialogue with a selection of, for this exhibition, reinterpreted older works. This will unveil the fluidity of the author’s work, from her newest production (Su.Persenso.ry, 2021/22) to her earliest and most well-known video works (Staircase, 1992). The exhibition’s design is based on the idea of looking back from the position of today’s artist’s production, which discusses, above all, the fundamental question of the possibilities of our existence in the time to come.

Overview exhibition
18. 5.-20. 8. 2023

Meta Krese is among the most prominent Slovenian authors in the field of photography. With her socially critical and active work and extensive photographic oeuvre, she has fortified and creatively enriched contemporary photography in Slovenia and abroad. Her overview exhibition will present the author’s personal photographic confessions from the lives of migrants. From where, where to, when, how, and why are just some basic questions she asks herself as she meets people who have moved from their native places into a new environment. Answers are most often attainable and also clear. However, issues arise when a new identity needs to be formed. What happens to them once they step outside the environment in which they knew solid forms of connectivity and are then left without any frames of reference and move into a new space.

Overview exhibition
7. 9.-12. 11. 2023

Academic painter Jurij Kalan is among the prominent Slovenian painters, and this will be his first presentation at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana. It will also be the most comprehensive exhibition of his works to date. Jurij Kalan is a visual recorder of life, his works address the issues of life on the city’s brink and its urbanisation, mutual human relations, daily social roles of individuals, and man-woman-family relations. Kalan’s extensive oeuvre is mostly dedicated to figurative art. The exhibition will present artworks created between 1991 and 2023, paintings of larger and smaller formats, drawings, photographs, graphic prints, stone heads, wooden polychromatic statues, and painted wooden totems.

Co-Existence / So-Obstoj, intermedia group exhibition
1. 12. 2023-12. 2. 2024

The exhibition’s title relates to the thought of the philosopher Timothy Morton, who, in his book Dark Ecology: For a Logic of Future Coexistence, defined the ecosystem as interconnectedness and ecological thought as thinking about interconnectedness, as well as what should philosophy of ecology be in this Anthropocene era.

Four established intermedia artists (who mostly focus on the intersection of art, science, and new technologies) will present their latest projects on the theme of ethics-civilization-environment relations. These will reflect on some key segments of the relationship between humans and nature, which have brought society to the brink of what is an acceptable treatment of the environment. Four different artistic practices are connected with their common position and relation to the issue of our shared future beyond the current anthropocentrism in which humans have to step down from their position of superiority into an inclusive relationship with nature. We are, after all, merely a fragment of our complete ecosystem.


Posted: 6. 12. 2022

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