Creative Workshops Accompanying Learning and Forgetting: The Don Quixote Telephone

We have established a telephone line for children named the Don Quixote telephone. In I Spoke With, the artist and pedagogue Jože Barši, whose exhibition is now on view at the Ljubljana City Art Gallery, talked with different people from all over the world – from Venezuela and Italy to Japan and New Zealand. That is also why our creative workshops accompanying the exhibition Learning and Forgetting will take place a bit differently – in the form of a conversation!

Jože Barši, Learning and Forgetting, City Art Gallery Ljubljana, 2021
Jože Barši, Learning and Forgetting, City Art Gallery Ljubljana, 2021 © Andrej Peunik / MGML

Do you know Don Quixote of La Mancha, the knight-errant who, on his horse Rosinante and in the company of his squire Sancho Panza, sets out into the world in order to defend the innocent and pursue the guilty? Do you know any of his adventures?

You are invited to carefully listen to Don Quixote’s adventure with an enchanted boat in Katarina Nahtigal’s interpretation at the Ljubljana City Art Gallery or the link below. Afterwards, you can call us and share with us any thoughts that listening to Don Quixote’s adventure might have brought to your mind.

You can call us on the Don Quixote telephone every Friday in March between 3 and 5 pm.

Don Quixote telephone: 041 634 475

Posted: 8. 3. 2021

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