O•zvočenje 18 - SAETA feat. Tinkara Kovač

On the three-day music festival on edition of O•zvočenje, between 21 to 23 December 2020, will present the music group SAETA feat. Tinkara Kovač, Nino Mureškić and Jure Tori.

Dec 2020
Time: 8 a.m.
Location: Bezigrad Gallery 2
SAET feat.Tinkara Kovač
SAET feat.Tinkara Kovač © Lado Jakša

O•zvočenje 18 https://youtu.be/QzCKCEOQCiU

Monday, 21. December 2020, at 7 p.m.
SAETA feat. Tinkara Kovač https://youtu.be/u7BkQCgtp1A
Multivision Lado Jakša
Hommage à Jože Slak-Đoka 2014– 2020
Miloš Bašin − percussion, traditional instruments
Aleš Gasparič − flutes, ocarina, pipes
Lado Jakša − wind instruments, keyboards
Boštjan Perovšek − computer, soundscapes
Tinkara Kovač − flute, voice

Saeta formed in 1977, as the first, and at that time only, group in Slovenia to bring together in its approach organized improvisation, elements of experimental music based on diverse scores, notations, and performance instructions, elements of minimalist (repetitive) music, and live or recorded electroacoustic music of a variety of sound sources. The group has remained faithful to its original approach to this day. Over time, Saeta has become established both at home and abroad, giving concerts in Ljubljana (in the Cankarjev Dom cultural center and as part of the European Month of Culture), in other cities of former Yugoslavia, such as Belgrade (performing at the European Festival of Minimalist Music) and Opatija (at the Music Creativity of Yugoslavia festival), and elsewhere in Europe, e.g. in Paris (at the Biennial of Young Artists) and Graz (at the Steirischer Herbst). In 2002, the group staged the “O-zvočenje 1” event (About-Soundings 1) together with composers from Slovenia, France, and Serbia and Montenegro.

CD: 1997, "SAETA / CONCERT 1979", 2007, "O-zvočenje 4, SAETA Koncert / Concert 2006, 2007, "OKOSTJA",  2009, »Koncert / Concert 2008«, 2011  »Sotočja / Confluences« with Tinkara Kovač.

Tinkara Kovač in an all-round musician – singer, conservatory-trained flutist, music producer, composer and writer of lyrics. Over the years she has given more than 800 concerts in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Italy with her various bands. Among the notable names she has worked with, both on stage and in the studio, there are Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Carlos Nunez, Dan Lavery, Massiomo Bubola, Bungaro, Paul Millns. To date, Kovač has released fifteen studio albums.

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