Ervin Potočnik
Ervin Potočnik, Iz ciklusa rdeče, 2018, akril na papirju in platnu pigment, 200x110 cm © Ervin Potočnik
From 26 May our gallery will be once again open for visitors

Ervin Potočnik


4. 3. 2020–24. 6. 2020

As the exhibition ofErvin Potočnik, had to be closed prematurely we have decided to prolong it. You are welcome to visit it from 26 May until 24 June 2020. Since we want to make sure you have a safe visit, please follow the instructions below.

  • Only healthy persons who do not show signs of acute respiratory illness can enter the gallery.
  • Entrance in the gallery is only possible for individuals, families or persons from the same householdpeople).
  • The use of your own protective mask is mandatory.
  • When entering the gallery, it is necessary to disinfect the hands.
  • A minimum distance of 2 m must be observed during the visit.

The exhibition, filled with symbolism, presents two views of the artist's tale of humans. The emphasis is on the strongly contrasting stylised figures, which are merged and float in a white void. These are the messengers in an unknown ritual. The paintings of a larger format (200 x 110 cm) are dominated by red-coloured figures, while the second part of the exhibition presents preparatory paintings or concepts for sculptures, with an emphasis on black figures.

Ervin Potočnik was born on 21 July 1957 in Celje. In 1990 he enrolled in sculpture studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. In the school year 1994/95 he received the Prešeren Award for Students for his achievements. The following year he graduated with Prof Lujo Vodopivec and in 2002 completed his master's degree in sculpture with the same professor. He lives in Ljubljana.


Production: Bežigrajska galerija 1 / MGML
Exhibition curator: Miloš Bašin
Artist: Ervin Potočnik
Design: Miloš Bašin
Photo: Marko Tušek
Realisation of the exhibition: Technical Service MGML, Miloš Bašin
The exhibition was made by: City of Ljubljana

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