Spaces of reflections in objects and sculptures by Paola Korošec

The overview exhibition "Paola Korošec: Spaces of Reflections" presents the artist's works from the last decade. In her works, Paola Korošec harmonises various materials and shapes into groups of objects that form a whole.

© Documentation MGML
© Documentation MGML

"If you could set a time frame to your own existence, it would most probably be reality. I exist—here and now. What happens with the past and leaving traces shaped as memories and forgetfulness, or with the future together with our intentions and wishes—the meaning of our existence? The meaning materialised in the moment comes from the future and goes straight into the past. It seems like the present moment is a junction of two stretches of time, but it somehow always escapes your grip. To make it yours, you have to live it here and now."
Paola Korošec

Posted: 8. 3. 2018