Preparation for Photography: Book presentation

The monograph titled Pripremanje za fotografiju (Preparation for Photography, T/N) is fully devoted to the art photographs by Vlado Martek, with the photo medium understood as a conceptual form. The book combines a series of works by the author, dated from 1970 to today, and offers a fresh insight into a vast segment of his production and reflection on art, the medium, text, and meanings.

Feb 2020
Time: 6 p.m.
Location: City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Adults, students, seniors
Preparation for Photography: Book presentation

The publication consists of three separate booklets – one containing a text by Sandra Kržić Roban, another with an almost hundred reproductions, and a booklet with an interview with the artists. The book is complemented by a two-page poster and a reproduction of a Martek’s photograph.

The book will be presented by the artist Vlado Martek and Sandra Križić Roban, PhD, art critic, curator, and writer. The presentation will be held in Croatian.

Aug 2022
Guided tour
City Art Gallery Ljubljana • Adults, families, children, students, seniors, school groups

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